Drees & Sommer publishes new sustainability report

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Drees & Sommer has published its new sustainability report, which shows the steps the company has taken on its way to becoming a Beneficial Company. As a Beneficial Company, Drees & Sommer not only strives for economic success, but also for the greatest possible benefit for the environment and society.

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03/11/2023 |
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The basic principles of a Beneficial Company include economy, ecology and responsibility, which are inextricably linked. As a pioneer in sustainability, this is a logical development and an integral part of our corporate DNA.

The Drees & Sommer Sustainability Report was prepared in accordance with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). In this way, we create transparency for all interested parties who want to find out about our values, principles and corporate actions - not just because of legal requirements, but of our own accord.

In order to continue to meet the highest standards, we will adapt our report in future in accordance with the new requirements of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Our Corporate Sustainability Team is working closely with the Executive Board and is actively driving this process forward, supported by a cross-divisional CSRD Steering Committee.

Drees & Sommer remains true to its mission of developing sustainable solutions and making a positive contribution to society. The new sustainability report is a further step along this path.

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Drees & Sommer publishes new sustainability report

Drees & Sommer has published its new sustainability report, which shows the step...

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