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The harvest has started early in 2018: as last year, our winegrowers were able to start harvesting about 10 days ago.

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The hot summer and the long lasting, high temperatures in September have led to the rapid and excellent development of the grapes. The many hours of sunshine will have an excellent effect on the 2018 vintage.

For all our wine enthusiasts and those who are simply curious, we suggest our fruity, sparkling predecessors of the 2018 wine year, our Fiederwäissen. This new wine will be available only for a short time in our wine shops as well as in supermarkets starting from 20 September 2018.

The fermentation of the Fiederwäissen is by two thirds completed so that this young wine can already provide a foretaste of the quality of the new vintage.

We usually use Rivaner grapes for the production, although other varieties are also suitable.
Share this aromatic young wine with your friends and family at room temperature (16 – 18°C) accompanied by hearty dishes or walnuts. We wish you a good wine tasting session.

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