Arval unveils "Total Fleet"

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Arval, a leading multi-brand provider of full service car leasing solutions, launches Total Fleet. This unique reporting platform is hosted by an independent third party and provides fleet managers working with several fleet management suppliers, a consolidated view on their strategic fleet key performance indicators. 

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Total Fleet will free Arval’s clients working with multi-supply schemes from the burden of having to aggregate all these data from multiple sources, thus facilitating strategic decision making, taking into account all key aspects of their entire fleet, independent of whom they source the services from.

It will provide fleet managers quickly and intuitively a fully customizable 360° view of their fleet based on four Key Performance Indicators:

  1. Fleet: active vehicles, deliveries, returns and planned returns
  2. Spend: total, in, out and end of contracts’ spends
  3. Usage: contractual terms evolution, fleet and contract deviations
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility: CO2 emissions and carbon footprint

Total Fleet will be progressively deployed across the Arval countries throughout 2017 and be made available for both local and international (IBO) clients

Thanks to the user-friendly and intuitive ergonomics, both the data upload and the generation of the strategic reports are easy and quick to handle.

An Arval client, who had the opportunity to test the service in the pilot phase, commented: “This initiative is very welcome from a client point of view, and should be considered as disruptive in a positive way. It is great to see our strategic partners address service gaps in the market and listen to our needs as a customer. We hope that other leasing companies will now support the initiative so that both end customers and the wider fleet industry can benefit from it. The opportunity to simplify my reporting and bring greater data standardisation and transparency across multiple markets and partners is seen as great value added service opportunity in terms of fleet services and management”.

Indeed, our mission is to always answer to our clients’ evolving needs, creating value for them”, commented Philippe Bismut, CEO of Arval. “Total Fleet is the best way for any client working in  a multi-supply mode to free its fleet management staff from an overload of low value-added work, and be able to analyse their total fleet accurately to take the right decisions” .

Total Fleet
meets all the necessary requirements from a competition law and data protection perspective. It is hosted, maintained and managed by an independent IT service provider. Upon clients request to feed the platform, the clients’ lessors can access Total Fleet directly to upload their fleet data. The data and the reports are only accessible to the clients. Neither Arval, nor the other lessors, have access to the data or to the consolidated view.

In the current state of play, Arval expects that upon clients request to feed the platform, other lessors will do their best efforts to produce and upload the data in the specified timeframe and ensure that the best data quality is delivered to the clients. To that purpose, Arval has set up a standardized set of data which is today already largely available from the different reporting tools in the market and as such ensured that the clients will get what they need, to take the right strategic decisions on their fleet.

Philippe Bismut concludes: “Arval believes that, ultimately, clients would benefit from a single market solution and accordingly remains keen to open discussions with other lessors for positioning the platform as an industry shared solution”.

Total Fleet will equally be made available to clients across the Element-Arval-Global Alliance, in particular to Element clients in the US, who have been keen to access this kind of service for a while.

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