« Benefit from the best of both worlds »: the pledge made by Telindus and Microsoft.

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Microsoft and Telindus have strengthened their alliance by designing an innovative Azure cloud solution that allows customers to benefit from public cloud features in a private environment, hosted in Luxembourg. This hybrid cloud solution facilitates compliancy with various regulations and promises to accelerate the move to the cloud. Especially for very critical workloads. 

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07/04/2022 | Partenariat
  • Gérard Hoffmann gauche - Didier Ongena droite

    Gérard Hoffmann, Didier Ongena

Based on Microsoft Azure Confidential Computing, Azure Arc and Telindus’ U-flex, this hybrid cloud solution allows customers deploy Azure-native services from Azure to a local environment (U-flex) with data localization and processing in Luxembourg. 
U-flex is a well-established private & regulated IT outsourcing platform, based in Luxembourg, and operated by Telindus. It has a proven track record with customers in Luxembourg and beyond. Many clients have chosen to move their IT to the U-flex platform, in a full IT outsourcing scheme. 

Azure Arc is a set of technologies that brings Azure security and cloud-native services to hybrid and multicloud environments. It enables customer to secure and govern infrastructure and apps anywhere, build cloudnative apps faster with familiar tools and services to run them on any Kubernetes platform, and modernize their data estate with Azure data and machine-learning services. 

By combining Azure & U-flex with Azure Arc, Telindus and Microsoft make it possible to deliver cloud native services in a sovereign and regulated environment. “The combination of U-flex and Azure Arc really gives customers the best of both worlds, in a sense that customers can now benefit from Azure native features, while at the same time keeping their data in a secured and regulated space” says Gérard Hoffmann, CEO of Telindus Luxembourg. 

We strongly believe that this new hybrid value proposition, based on Azure, Azure Arc and Azure Confidential Computing, is providing great value to the market, as it allows customers to benefit from secure Azure native cloud features in both the public and the private cloud environment. With Azure Confidential Computing we add innovative end-to-end encryption of data and applications in the public cloud.” adds Didier Ongena, Managing Director Microsoft Belgium and Luxembourg. 

This solution is offered to every company in Europe, which would like to benefit from the innovation of Azure, combined with the privacy, sovereignty and localization of data. 

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