Wavestone Luxembourg is proud to be awarded the Actions Positives label by Luxembourg’s Ministry of Equality between Women and Men (MEGA)


Wavestone Luxembourg is proud to be awarded the Actions Positives label by Luxembourg’s Ministry of Equality between Women and Men (MEGA), which certifies good practices have been implemented in terms of equal opportunities between women and men at work.

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15/12/2021 |
  • Team Meeting - November 21

The Actions Positives programme focusses on three criteria: equal treatment between women and men, equality in decision-making, and equality in the balance of professional and private life. This year, 10 companies received the "Positive Action" label in Luxembourg. 

Throughout the programme, MEGA has been a great support in our journey to become a more people-focused organization in taking the necessary steps to build a culture of diversity & inclusion across all levels within our organisation in Luxembourg. 

Wavestone Luxembourg is part of a large international consultancy firm with more than 3500 employees. A great commitment to CSR has been demonstrated by the group, by increasingly promoting diversity and inclusion throughout the years further defining our Purpose as an employer and as a contributor to our community. That being said, a main driver to participate in the Actions Positives programme was that we want to be recognised locally as a “responsible employer” proposing initiatives that will benefit employee wellbeing. We strive to ensure freedom, respect, openness, and dignity in the workplace.  

Sustainable positive actions  

So how did we concretely achieve the Actions Positives label? Well, it took a lot of time and effort, thought and reflection about how we could make impactful and sustainable changes. Our team worked closely with MEGA to build our action plan that would reflect the equality standards set out in the programme, which we are proud to confirm has come into fruition.? The plan consisted of a variety of initiatives and changes, namely raising awareness, reviewing salary policy and recruitment processes, and putting in place best practices to ensure professional-private life balance throughout our employees’ careers, and also following a period of absence. This was an opportunity for us, as an employer, to educate and train everyone, particularly our management team, on the importance of diversity and inclusion.  

Today, our company in Luxembourg is represented by approximately 60 % of women and 19 nationalities.  This is demonstrating already cultural and gender diversity. We also want to see our younger employees be more involved in the designing of the future of our organisation with the creation of a so-called “shadow board”. This intergenerational collaboration allows for improved cohesion of ideas from of younger and nonexecutive employees that collaborates with the local board of Wavestone Luxembourg on strategic initiatives. 

Our goal is, essentially, to lead by example and to share our journey. We do not want to inspire only our colleagues and peers, but also other organisations in Luxembourg that may decide to invest their resources and time on such impactful initiatives. Moreover, our consulting business gives us a privileged position to act at the heart of the transformations of our customers and generate positive and lasting impacts for the Company. We are not in a declaration of intent, but with an intention of?action. 

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