Docler donates 50 servers to Lycée Technique of Esch-sur-Alzette

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Docler Holding, awarded for its outstanding contribution to ICT in Luxembourg at the end of 2017, offers 50 servers to the Lycée Technique of Esch-sur-Alzette (LTE). 

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04/01/2018 |
  • Donation servers Docler Holding LTE

    left to right: Tamás Szarvas (Network Engineer Docler Holding), Marton Fulop (COO Docler Holding), Sylvain Piren (Director LTE), Marc Schmit (Computer science teacher LTE) and Melanie Delannoy (Head of PR Docler Holding)

The Intel SR2600 servers will be integrated in the various courses dedicated to the operating systems for vocational training and in the courses of the future "cloud computing" BTS, which will be launched in September 2018. 

LTE provides a large range of trainings in the IT field: classic section ‘computer science and communication’, general technique computer science, computer technician, qualified computer scientist, and the future cloud computing BTS.

This donation will benefit to about 100 students and their teachers. “Our role in Luxembourg aims at improving the training of new talents in IT. We have recently hosted the ‘computing and communication’ students from LTE for a half-day workshop given by our experts on the Agile development. The 14 students worked on three cases based on the Agile software development methodology and the Scrum framework in order to get their first official certification”, states Marton Fulop, COO Docler Holding Luxembourg.

This initiative with students opens up new perspectives in terms of recruitment in Luxembourg. Docler Holding is made of an international recruitment team qualified to find and hire worldwide talents and experts for the Luxembourg headquarters. Thanks to a close collaboration with public institutions, more and more young people will get an opportunity within the company. Young developers, hackers and designers will also get the chance to be noticed by joining the national hackathon organized by Docler and ITOne: Game of Code, which is taking place on March 16 and 17 this year at Geesseknäppchen.

Docler Holding also supported the projects of students from Lycée Technique of Lallange during Spring 2017 to organize the first ever Teqball tournament in the Grand-Duchy.

The company also has 250 monitors, available immediately, to offer to a school or any other type of organization.

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