Virtual care and its impact on the healthcare workforce

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On Wednesday 5 February, Deloitte held the 9th edition of its annual Healthcare Conference. The event, organized in collaboration with Fédération des Hôpitaux Luxembourgeois (FHL), explored a hot topic: connected health and its impact on the healthcare workforce.

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10/02/2020 | Evènements
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    Luc Brucher, Public Sector & Healthcare Leader at Deloitte Luxembourg and Luxembourg's health minister Paulette Lenert

The conference focused on the application of new technologies in the healthcare sector and discussed the potential effects on the daily work of healthcare institutions and professionals.

Professionals from the healthcare sector shared their expertise and vision on the profound transformation impacting their current environment, requiring custom support and trainings, and even at times a redefinition of roles and tasks. Through inspiring presentations and an engaging round table, the conference allowed participants to fully absorb and critically assess the crucial questions that are so preoccupying to healthcare professionals. 

Sharing her insightful remarks on the topic, Paulette Lenert addressed the audience in a debut speech following her recent appointment as Luxembourg’s dedicated Minister for Health.

The future of work: how can health ecosystems prepare and transform their workforce?

“Despite the potential for technology to disrupt methods of delivering health care services there are some differences of opinion about its usefulness in improving efficiency in patient care. Technology will underlie most aspects of care in the future, but care delivery will still require distinctively human capabilities such as creativity and social and emotional intelligence,” explained Luc Brucher, Public Sector & Healthcare Leader at Deloitte Luxembourg. “Moreover the exponential increase in the pace and scale with which new technologies are emerging means that adapting to the future of work will require task shifting and task reorganisation. Consequently hospitals will need to foster a culture of innovation and collaboration if they are to enable the workforce to embrace the technological revolution. Senior management and human resource professionals should seize the opportunity to think creatively and focus on the opportunities that cognitive technologies offer to help make hospital and other care organisations more efficient, productive, and affordable, and make jobs more meaningful and engaging.” he added.

Connected Patient: an immersive experience

During the conference, the audience was also introduced to Deloitte’s Connected Patient program. In an era of exponential digital growth, Connected Patient is an immersive experience developed by Deloitte that showcases what awaits healthcare professionals and their patients in the near future. Deloitte is merging a number of creative ideas from its combined team of life sciences experts, illustrative cutting-edge technologists, solution architects, end users, and business leaders to deliver an experience that provides the full picture. 

The event was concluded by a round table featuring inspiring speakers with direct, first-hand experience of the ways in which technological changes have impacted the healthcare sector. Harnessing technology’s data collecting ability, an interactive questions and answers session was held between the audience and the round table participants using a smartphone application.

In the afternoon, a dedicated session offered the opportunity to a select number of participants to enjoy the Connected Patient experience at the Deloitte Greenhouse. The Deloitte Greenhouse is a collaborative space on the 7th floor of the firm’s new building in Luxembourg, designed to encourage people to consider problem solving from a fresh perspective by using methodologies such as design thinking. The participants became actors within the experience, as either a patient or a healthcare professional, and interacted with new technologies along a simulated patient journey.

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