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For almost 100 years, the majority of Luxembourg winegrowers have been working together in a cooperative system. With the launch of their new brand “Les Vignerons de la Moselle”, the more than 200 winegrowing families are starting a new chapter.

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A new strategy has been developed on the basis of in-depth customer surveys and corresponding workshops. The result is a new brand: “Les Vignerons de la Moselle”, characterized by respect, authenticity and passion.

Respectful in its treatment of nature, which is the winemaker’s most precious asset. Each winegrower places particular value on the preservation of his environment, especially his vines, which form the backbone of his existence.

Authentic because the main focus is clearly on the winegrower who comes to the fore. He is the human link between the vine and the consumer. But the authenticity is above all reflected in a genuine and honest Luxembourg product.

Passionate because enthusiasm for this profession is indispensable. The enthusiasm that these excellent wines generate among consumers is also an important component of the new brand.

These character traits are illustrated by the entirely new packaging. The seven AOP* wines present themselves in a modern, friendly and refreshing design. The transparent bottle, which is untypical for Luxembourg wines, underlines the lightness and freshness of these wines. The face of the winegrower, on the other hand, adds a human touch and symbolizes closeness to the producer. In addition, the winegrower’s signature on the label adds to the authenticity. The
back label also has a new look. In addition to the wine description, it provides information on the drinking temperature, flavor and wine accompaniment.

“Les Vignerons de la Moselle” features seven grape varieties. From the sparkling Elbling, over Rivaner, Pinot Luxembourg, fresh Auxerrois, fine Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris to the typical Riesling.

All wines also bear the Luxembourg AOP seal of approval and thus stand for the highest quality made exclusively from Luxembourg grapes.

*Appellation d’Origine Protégée

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