Issuing Tokenized Credentials with Compellio’s new service “AlmaMint”


Compellio has launched its new digital service called AlmaMint which leverages blockchain technologies to issue unique, personalised, and verifiable tokens for education credentials, course certificates, or digital diplomas.

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  • AlmaMint by Compellio

Course providers, training organisations, and universities can use AlmaMint to diversify their certificate issuance capabilities, reduce verification overheads, and deliver new creative experiences to students and program participants.

Issuers of tokenized credentials can enjoy the following benefits:

Intuitive admin platform for issuers to easily onboard recipients and manage the full lifecycle of tokens.

Token URLs can be shared on professional platforms (e.g. Linkedin) and CVs to provide enhanced verification and trust capabilities.

Recipients are not required to hold cryptocurrencies.

Tokens are minted in the recipients’ self-custody web3 wallet of their choice for maximum decentralization and user-centric ownership.

Multi-chain options and flexible meta-data configurations to enrich course token descriptions while preserving confidentiality.

Integration opportunities with existing certificate management systems, online course delivery platforms, and learning management systems.

Compellio has collaborated with the University of Luxembourg, and specifically the Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, to issue tokenized credentials for students that successfully complete the IT Bootcamp course.

Mickaël Geraudel, Study Director at the Master Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Luxembourg, mentioned the following:

“We are excited to issue a course token using AlmaMint. These blockchain-enabled attestations for our Master students aim to deliver enhanced levels of trustworthiness in the information shared with third parties. They also help to create new digital skills and experiences around the practical use of web3 technologies.’’

Denis Avrilionis, founder & CEO at Compellio, stated:

“AlmaMint is a GDPR-compliant cloud-based solution that facilitates the issuance of tokenized credentials and trustworthy data exchanges for the verification of attested information and assets. We are delighted to work with innovative partners and contribute new digital credential capabilities across the ecosystems of education, training, and digital learning.”

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