PwC Luxembourg proudly announces the launch of the PwC Foundation Luxembourg, under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg


PwC Luxembourg is proud to announce the launch of the PwC Foundation Luxembourg, under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg. The PwC Foundation Luxembourg will be an independent and dedicated vehicle for the firm’s not-for-profit contributions with thematic focus on education and cultural projects primarily in the Grand Duchy and the countries of the Greater Region as well as humanitarian help on a Global level. Working with the support and guidance of the Foundation de Luxembourg will help PwC Luxembourg to increase impact and ensure continued engagement over time with projects that align with the established objectives.

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PwC Luxembourg has a longstanding history of philanthropy and is committed to supporting and contributing to the communities in which the firm is involved and where the majority of our employees are living.

The creation of the PwC Foundation Luxembourg as an independent entity, under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg, is a significant milestone in PwC Luxembourg’s journey to sustainably support society.

According to its thematic focus, the PwC Foundation Luxembourg will support projects enabling access to education as well as cultural initiatives.  Projects will either be based or focused on the Grand-Duchy as well as in the countries of the Greater Region (France, Germany and Belgium). The Foundation may also provide emergency support in response to humanitarian and environmental crises worldwide.

PwC Luxembourg employees play an active part in the Foundation by participating in the two dedicated committees for educational and cultural projects. Within these technical committees, employees help to identify and pre-select charitable projects, in line with the PwC Foundation Luxembourg’s objectives, which are then recommended to the management committee, the PwC Foundation Luxembourg’s decision-making body.

The PwC Foundation Luxembourg management committee has five members, including three representatives from PwC Luxembourg: Rima Adas, Olivier Carré and Chantal Braquet, as well as Tonika Hirdman, Director General of the Fondation de Luxembourg, and Stéphanie Damgé, chairwoman and independent member, Director of Entrepreneurship at the Chamber of Commerce/House of Entrepreneurship.

The PwC Foundation Luxembourg 's objective is to grow from a philanthropic to a reforming foundation with a defined philosophy, focusing on themes rather than single projects, and engaging in long-term support.

Why does PwC Luxembourg work with the Fondation de Luxembourg?

The Fondation de Luxembourg was created by the Luxembourg government as an intermediary between donors and the non-profit sector. As such, it provides the legal and professional framework for the PwC Foundation Luxembourg while offering personalised support and guidance for its philanthropic engagement. The Fondation de Luxembourg is a philanthropy expertise center and an umbrella foundation enabling companies and individuals to create their own foundation under its aegis.

Quote - François Mousel, Managing Partner, PwC Luxembourg:

“It is a pleasure to announce this collaboration with the Fondation de Luxembourg. We are entering into a Partnership with an institution exposing long-standing credentials and professionalism. The PwC Foundation Luxembourg is about giving local communities access to education and culture. As such we see our engagement as a concrete application of our PwC values. PwC is a major corporate citizen of Luxembourg and the greater region. As such, we intend to engage and contribute to local communities in the same structured and professional manner as we do in professional services client work.”

Quote - Olivier Carré, Deputy Managing Partner, PwC Luxembourg & PwC Foundation Board Member:

“PwC has engaged in philanthropy and pro-bono work for many years. We encouraged many of our employees’ spending their volunteer hours on local initiatives and communities. As a segregated and dedicated foundation we intend to bundle our donations and broaden our impact by embarking on a long-term journey with our people, the local communities and public authorities.”

Quote -Tonika Hirdman, Director General Fondation de Luxembourg:

“We are delighted to accompany PwC Luxembourg in the launch of their new foundation and help translate their company’s values into an effective philanthropic strategy. We look forward to working alongside PwC partners and employees to select and support impactful projects that all collaborators can be proud of.”

Quote - Stéphanie Damgé, chairwoman and independent member, Director of Entrepreneurship at the Chamber of Commerce/House of Entrepreneurship:

“As Chairwoman and independent director of the PwC Foundation Luxembourg, I am honored to guide the foundation through its philanthropic journey. My role ensures not only strategic oversight but also impartial governance, helping to steer our efforts towards creating sustainable impacts in education and culture. I am eagerly looking forward to working closely with the entire board as well as the Fondation de Luxembourg to enrich local communities.”

Mission of the Fondation de Luxembourg

By providing information and advice and by developing specific tools and structures, the Fondation de Luxembourg seeks to encourage, support and guide donors (both individuals and companies) who wish to make a long-term commitment to the development of significant philanthropic projects.

It therefore acts as an expert and adviser in every field in which donors express an interest and is an effective gateway to associations, NGOs and specialised organisations working on specific issues of general interest.

The Fondation de Luxembourg provides personalised accompaniment for philanthropic projects in a simplified framework and with the assurance of continuous follow-up.

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