New Slogan about Luxembourg to Support Volunteers

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To support the talk-show “Expat Stories” on Radio Ara, produced by volunteers, the company “The Loupe” has developed a design for T-shirts featuring a new slogan about Luxembourg.

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“People often say in Luxembourg: 'you need to know someone who knows someone,' which has a bit of a negative connotation. We wanted to change that and turn it around. With the help of the visual, we would like to give this phrase a new meaning,” says designer Maria Artamonova.

The design on the shirts depicts figures of people forming a map of Luxembourg, while uplifting each other.

'I know someone who knows someone' may become a slogan for a community of people from different backgrounds and countries living together, supporting each other to thrive. This corresponds to the spirit and the initial idea of the show.

Listeners are encouraged to buy a T-shirt to support Expat Stories, which is produced by volunteers. The show is broadcast every second Saturday at 15.00. Over the last two years, 47 episodes have been produced.

“We welcome prominent representatives of the Luxembourgish expat community onto our stage. Through their personal anecdotes and insights, we aim to showcase the diversity of backgrounds, talents, and perspectives of our guests. We will explore their experiences of living in Luxembourg, focusing on the most interesting milestones and unique aspects that make each guest special,” states the description of the show.

During the past two and a half years, many prominent personalities in Luxembourg have been guests on the show, including: Fabio Morvilli, Darren ROBINSON,  Paul Schonenberg, Rita Knott, ALVARO LAORDEN, Dirk Stockmans, Sufian Bataineh, Emilia Tantar, PhD, Brian Ballantyne, Stephan Peters, Mariana Florea CPC, DTM, Madhumalti Sharma, PMP ®, Charles-Louis Machuron, Thomas Kallstenius, Artur Sosna, Marin Njavro, Fabrice MAIRE, David Foy, Simône van Schouwenburg Razvan-Petru Radu, Luis Galveias.

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