Cargolux bans transport of disposable e-cigarettes


Cargolux has decided to ban the transport of disposable electronic cigarettes on all its flights, including those operated by Cargolux Italia. This measure comes in response to growing concern about the adverse effects of these products on both public health and the environment. Disposable e-cigarettes pose a significant risk to human health, particularly for younger generations, given their targeted marketing with attractive flavors. Additionally, these devices contain lithium batteries which, as they are not recyclable, become an environmental risk if not properly disposed of. Several countries have already imposed bans on these products in their territories.

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06/03/2024 |
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“The ban on transporting disposable electronic cigarettes reflects Cargolux’s commitment to the environment and public health and safety. With this action, we hope to contribute to reducing the availability of these products on the market. As a responsible corporate citizen, Cargolux aims for this initiative to encourage other logistics operators to adopt similar measures”, says Richard Forson, President and CEO of Cargolux.

Committed to sustainable practices, Cargolux continues to set the highest standards in its business operations. Disposable e-cigarettes now join an expanding list of items that Cargolux refuses to transport on routes across its global network for ethical reasons.

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Cargolux bans transport of disposable e-cigarettes

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