Wavestone Luxembourg awarded ESR label by INDR for its commitment to social responsibility


Wavestone Luxembourg is celebrating the award of the ESR - ENTREPRISE RESPONSABLE label from INDR. This label reflects Wavestone's strong commitment to social responsibility and reinforces its position as a responsible economic player, actively contributing to the country's sustainable development.

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30/06/2023 |
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Wavestone's commitment to sustainable performance is based on 5 main pillars:

Client satisfaction and sustainable performance: Wavestone aims to help its clients achieve sustainable performance by meeting their needs in an efficient and responsible way.

Employee commitment and quality of life at work: Employee satisfaction and well-being are key concerns for Wavestone. The company fosters a working environment that fosters commitment, where everyone can express their potential and feel fulfilled.

Diversity and inclusion: Wavestone promotes diversity and inclusion within its workforce, creating an environment where everyone is free to be themselves and has equal opportunities to develop their potential.

Ethics and Responsibility: As a responsible company, Wavestone is committed to ethical and responsible conduct in all its activities, in compliance with applicable standards and regulations.

Reducing environmental impact: Wavestone takes concrete actions to minimise the carbon footprint of its activities. This includes reducing energy consumption, managing waste responsibly and promoting more sustainable mobility.

The ESR label awarded by the INDR is a significant recognition of Wavestone Luxembourg's efforts and commitments in terms of CSR. For the company, it is a source of pride and motivation to pursue its commitment to sustainable consulting. In terms of next steps, Wavestone is committed to further progress on the 4 thematics to improve its score, which will also enable the label renewal in 3 years.   More specifically, Wavestone Luxembourg aims to:

Increase management involvement in its CSR team

Train staff to develop technical skills in CSR

Increase the pipeline of pro-bono projects

Continue to act in its Diversity and Inclusion, Gender Equality and Charitable events

Raise management awareness of how to identify opportunities for responsible projects and put them into practice.

The INDR promotes responsible companies, and Wavestone has been ESR-labelled since June 2023.

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