Cancellation of several Luxair flights due to the temporary closure of the runway at Luxembourg airport

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On Sunday 14 May 2023 and following the temporary closure of the runway at Luxembourg airport due to an incident not related to the airline, Luxair had to divert several of its flights to Liege airport and was forced to cancel several of its flights while waiting for the normal traffic to resume.

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14/05/2023 |
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Due to the temporary closure of the runway at Luxembourg Airport caused by an incident, air traffic at the airport is experiencing numerous disruptions at the end of the day. As a consequence and following the safety procedure provided for this type of event, Luxair flights LG5554 from Oslo, LG9514 from Hamburg and LG6996 from Milan had to be diverted to Liège airport while waiting for the normal resumption of the traffic at Luxembourg airport.

As a result, the airline was forced to cancel several of its commercial flights.

The company specifies that all passengers of the affected flights have been informed and that all safety procedures for the diversion of its flights have been respected. Luxair teams are currently doing their best to inform passengers as soon as possible for the remaining flights.

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