SafeGuard Asset Management appoints Apex Group for fund services


Apex Group Ltd. (“Apex Group” or “The Group”), a global financial services provider, today announces its appointment by SafeGuard Asset Management to provide fund services to SafeGuard CORE ONE Fund (“the Fund”).

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07/02/2023 |
  • Jessica-Chase (002)

    Jessica Chase, Director – Mutual Funds at Apex Group

SafeGuard Asset Management, an SEC registered investment adviser, was founded by Chief Executive Officer Gary Kleinschmidt and Chief Investment Officer Joe Gabor to leveragemore than 60 years of combined financial markets experience. Apex Group has been appointed to provide Fund Administration & Accounting, Transfer Agency and Compliance Services to the SafeGuard CORE ONE Fund.

The SafeGuard CORE ONE Fund (SGFIX, SGFAX) seeks to provide investors with a level of predictability in an unpredictable world. Its objective is to outperform the S&P 500 Index with less volatility across a broad range of economic cycles, using a proprietary model that allocates the Fund’s assets across three principal strategies: S&P 500 Index futures contracts for capital appreciation, a Futures Overlay Strategy for diversification, and put options on the S&P 500 Index for downside protection.

Fund administration is at the foundation of Apex Group’s single-source solution, delivering timely, accurate and independent services, underpinned by market leading technology platforms. According to a recent Total Economic Impact (TEI) report by Forrester Consulting, clients of Apex Group’s single-source solution achieve, on average, cost benefits of $5.39m, with a net present value of $2.75m over a three-year period. In addition, Apex Group will provide SafeGuard with tech-enabled fund compliance solutions to support the Fund’s operational and regulatory obligations from the fund launch to daily operations.

Jessica Chase, Director – Mutual Funds at Apex Group comments: “We are excited to be supporting the launch of SafeGuard’s CORE ONE Fund by delivering fund services and compliance advisory to ensure theefficient operations and compliance of the fund from day one. Our singlesource solution will allow Gary, Joe and the SafeGuard team to focus on implementing and scaling their bold new investment model which looks to redefine long-term investing and generate robust and consistent returns for investors.”

Gary Kleinschmidt, CEOand Joe Gabor, President and CIO, SafeGuard Asset Management further add: “Prior to launching our fund,we spent time evaluating several providers in this space, and Apex Group was highly recommended by a financial advisor we know and trust. The more we learned about Apex Group, the more we came to appreciate its culture—especially the team’s dedication and commitment to understanding our complex strategy. They always kept the lines of communication open and ultimately proved that they had the experience, expertise, and tenacity needed to see our fund to launch.”

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