Inveniam partners with Apex Group to power improved valuations, increased liquidity for Private Assets


The partnership will allow a wide range of institutional investors and family offices to use’s patented blockchain technology to provide greater trust and efficiency to private asset valuations. 

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07/09/2022 | Partenariat
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Inveniam Capital Partners Inc. (“Inveniam”), a leading financial technology company offering greater transparency and access to private market assets, today announces a strategic partnership with Apex Group Ltd. (“Apex Group”), a global financial services provider, to offer Valuation as a Service (“VaaS”) to clients worldwide. 

Through the partnership, Inveniam and Apex Group will use Inveniam’s patented blockchain technology and the data operating system to deliver digitally credentialed, higherfunctioning private asset data for more consistent, fully auditable valuations.  

Traditionally valuing real estate, private equity, infrastructure, and private credit assets involved an opaque and time-consuming process.’s use of blockchain and artificial intelligence increases trust in the underlying data and provides a fully auditable data trail for permissioned users without the need for asset owners to relinquish control of their own data. credentials the underlying documents which form the basis for private asset valuations, extracts relevant data from those documents, and provides real-time access to third-party valuation providers in a format that can increase the speed and reliability of the valuation process. Inveniam’s solution provides the trusted data layer which can enable private market assets to trade more efficiently in secondary markets, increasing liquidity. 

“Public markets thrive because of trusted infrastructure and wide access to information for investors,” says Patrick O’Meara, Chief Executive Officer of Inveniam. “Our technology and our strategic partnership with Apex Group will allow us to revolutionize the private markets by bringing a new level of trusted information, price discovery and transparency to private markets. We are setting a new global standard for trusted private market data.” 

“As allocations to private asset classes continue to grow, trusted data is essential to being able to transact in private market assets. Using data that is verified on blockchain, through our innovative partnership with Inveniam will create efficiencies and deliver benefits for the $3 trillion of client assets we service,” comments Georges Archibald, Chief Innovation Officer & Regional Head of North America, Apex Group.  

Apex Group’s clients will benefit from the Data Operating System and Valuation as a Service in several ways, including:

  • Control: Empowering clients to retain full control of their own data while providing third parties with immutable audit trail through a credentialed, end-to-end data stream  
  • Automation: Automating real-time data delivery into a platform which third-party valuation providers can access to calculate fair value marks on a monthly or quarterly basis, enhancing transparency and trust for LPs
  • Speed: Significantly reducing the typical three- to six-month due diligence period while maintaining “sale ready” assets  
  • Value: Improving accounting treatments through fully observable data points  
  • Compliance: Preparing private asset data to adapt to regulatory changes pertaining to reporting requirements
  • Liquidity: Preparing assets for eventual seamless tokenization and the benefits of digital assets including superior settlement and custody, capital table management, access to global markets, and the efficiencies created by smart contracts 

Apex Group and Inveniam will continue to partner for future service developments, including Private Data Oracle, ESG solutions, asset tokenization and DeFi lending.

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