randstad reaffirms decade-long commitment with pledge to help 20,000 refugees with job support over the next 3 years


Randstad announced as one of 50 global companies to provide for the immediate needs and additional support to people fleeing Ukraine.

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24/03/2022 |
  • Randstad

Randstad, the global leader in the HR services industry, joined the Tent Partnership for Refugees pledge, to provide for the immediate needs and additional support to people fleeing Ukraine. This comes as Randstad re-affirms its commitment to support refugees and migrants across the world, committing direct support to an additional 20,000 people worldwide in the coming three years alone. Since 2011, Randstad has touched the work lives of nearly 17,000 refugees, by improving their employability and promoting equal opportunities to help them to lead independent lives.

In response to the current crisis, the company has mobilized its own global workforce to find positions for Ukrainian refugees when they arrive in their host countries. A dedicated landing page is available on the global website, with more specific information available country by country to help refugees navigate gaining new employment as seamlessly as possible. The information will grow to include advice for refugees seeking support as well as guidance for potential hiring companies to ensure they foster diverse hiring practices and welcome their new team members in an inclusive way. Equally, Randstad will ensure its consultants are well equipped via a range of training opportunities to identify any barriers to success, so that both employee and employer can have a successful experience.

Randstad calls on the entire ecosystem of employees, clients, government, and all other stakeholders to work in unison to ensure that all refugees, from this crisis, and others, have the support they need to secure meaningful work, fostering economic independence and personal and professional development, in their host countries.

Chris Heutink, Executive Board Member at Randstad, said: “ From our track record of supporting nearly 17,000 refugees, we know how crucial providing employability support can be for those resettling in a new country. We’re proud to now be able to support the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine but also play an active role in the integration of all refugees world wide. We’re calling on all employers to step up in the face of this crisis, opening up their vacancies and creating opportunities for refugee candidates. Work has the potential to provide security, dignity and independence-things that those who are displaced need the most .”

Veronica Rossini, Acting Executive Director at the Tent Partnership for Refugees – a network of over 200 major businesses of which Randstad is a member – said: “ Jobs are one of the most important ways for refugees to success fully resettle in their new communities. Through a job, refugees can learn the local language, make a living, and build a network of friends and colleagues to set down new roots. Having already supported thousands of refugees around  the world, we are very proud of Randstad’s new commitment to support 20,000 refugees with the resources and advice they need to find a job. Alongside other members of the Tent Partnership, Randstad has shown true leadership – and in light of escalating crises in countries like Afghanistan and Ukraine, we hope this inspires even more companies to step up to the challenge.”

In further response to the Ukrainian crisis, to date Randstad has provided for the critical needs of its affected employees, their families and the wider community, including and not limited to financial support, mental health care, and employment opportunities for those that seek it. Randstad has also made a contribution to UNICEF’s emergency appeal and launched an employee giving campaign, to support as many affected children and their families as possible.

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