Launch of the first second-hand bookshop in Luxembourg


The Green Library, the first second-hand bookshop in Luxembourg, has launched online on the 13th of December. The webstore allows citizens to buy and sell their pre-loved books within the country, allowing them to become more sustainable and promote the Circular Economy.

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06/01/2022 | Inauguration
  • Green library

Found online at, the online bookshop startup has over 150+ within the first month of its launch and carries a selection of books in English, French, and German. Created as a solution to help promote circularity within the country, citizens now also have the opportunity to sell their second-hand books and earn money. The initiative helps both reduce waste and make education more accessible for all, with book prices being 30%-50% less than new editions but in equally as good condition. The books are shipped right to people’s doorsteps (in recycled mailer bags), making shopping at The Green Library a hassle-free, sustainable solution.

“I came up with the solution when I realised that there was no simple, local option to either buy or sell your used books. I thought it was incredible that nobody in Luxembourg had yet created this sort of initiative. After mulling it over for a month, I decided to take it upon myself to begin the project. We’ve already been contacted by over 20 people to sell their books in our store within the first month” Irina Roman, Founder of The Green Library.

The Green Library aims to become people’s number 1 go-to for books, “because second-hand should be your first option nowadays” explains Irina Roman. The Reuse and Resale market has been on the rise in the past few years with both traditional retailers and new entrants jumping on the trend. The Circular Economy is expected to save consumers money, create jobs, and reduce CO2.

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