The Dots creates its metaverse with ArtDesignStory

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The Dots - in partnership with ArtDesignStory - launches the FANartZONE SPHERE for the Tech, Innovation & Digital community in Luxembourg.

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08/12/2021 | Partenariat
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At a time when Facebook and Microsoft are launching their virtual parallel universes, virtual reality and augmented reality have never been so close to becoming new frontiers to explore: The Dots Metaverse invites you into the world of augmented reality.

The Dots Metaverse is an AR universe. Once the app is downloaded, you can travel through The Dots metaverse from your office, living room, vacation spot or even more unusual places. Users of The Dots metaverse will be invited to learn by discovering different "rooms" relating to evolving - and sometimes surprising - themes.

But what exactly is a metaverse?

Imagine a digital world where you could live a parallel life without leaving home: welcome to the "metaverse", a concept introduced in 1992 by Neal Stephenson in his post-cyberpunk novel "The Virtual Samurai", a cult book for Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

Dancing in a nightclub with friends in the form of an avatar, climbing up the steep slopes of Everest through a virtual reality headset, or even having a meeting with colleagues in a digital replica of the usual office: metaverse promises to push the boundaries of the physical world until the real and virtual universes eventually blur into one.

Screens, holograms, VR headsets and augmented reality glasses are thus set to gradually replace the smartphone as a means of access to digital spaces.

A pioneering project in Luxembourg

"We want to communicate with our audience in an original and fun way", explained Kamel Amroune, founder of The Dots. "With TechSense, our tech community and our partners, we have a lot of new appealing content to share."

"Owning one's own metaverse will probably be the norm in a few years, much like having a LinkedIn or Twitter profile today. While the outer space is yet to be discovered, the metaverse is within reach", he added.

"When I showed Kamel what we were doing, he didn't hesitate for one second to offer us to collaborate", said Cyril Nardon, CEO of ArtDesignStory, a company renowned mainly for its connected interactive boards. "This is our first project in Luxembourg. The Dots will be our exclusive partner in the Grand Duchy for this type of service", he unveiled.

"The Dots Metaverse SPHERE",  which is still in the launch phase, will be enriched as the application evolves and the public takes a liking to it.

It is therefore not surprising that the first "The Dots Metaverse SPHERE" experience took place during TNT Symposium on November 24 at ECCL - a Tech, Innovation & Digital community event organized by TechSense by The Dots. On this occasion, some happy few had the chance to discover firsthand this new virtual universe.

The TNT Symposium post-event video is available exclusively on The Dots Metaverse. Download the application on your smartphone (iOS or Android):

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