Dury Group strengthens its management: lawyer Martin Kerz is now also an authorised signatory of DURY Compliance & Consulting GmbH

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The Saarbrücken-based DURY Group is strengthening its management team. DURY Compliance & Consulting GmbH, also based in Saarbrücken, and with an international branch in Luxembourg, has appointed lawyer Martin Kerz as authorised signatory and has granted him exclusive power of representation. The required entry in the commercial register will take place in the next few weeks.    

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06/05/2021 | Personnalités
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Martin Kerz has been on board at DURY LEGAL since 2017. Since then, he has played a key role in the development and operational consulting projects of the DURY Compliance & Consulting GmbH, which is active in the fields of data protection and information security, and became the third company in the DURY GROUP when it was founded in February 2017 by Sandra and Marcus Dury.

Lasting growth: two new senior consultants and a Scrum expert

“Martin is practically a co-founder of DURY Compliance & Consulting GmbH. About five months after we started, he joined us to help set up the company, having previously worked in the legal department of a globally operating domain registrar,” says Sandra Dury, shareholder and managing director of DURY Compliance & Consulting GmbH: “Martin helped shape the company from the outset and has played an important role in the company's success to date. Together with him, we wrote the legal reference book 'Data Protection in Luxembourg' in 2019, organised the Luxembourg data protection congress GDPR+1 and established DURY Compliance & Consulting GmbH as a leading consultancy in the field of data protection and information security in the region of Luxembourg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland. We are pleased that he is taking on even more responsibility in the company, having already taken over the operational management of the other consultants. With him and our new senior consultants Dr Andreas Crauser and Sonja Hild, as well as our new Scrum expert Jacqueline Haag, the signs are there for lasting growth, despite Covid.”

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