A new and unique free digital tool in Luxembourg to optimise your real estate financing

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In addition to its advanced online tool that gives a detailed understanding of the real cost of each financing solution, Nexfin, a new broker in Luxembourg, can accompany you to structure the cheapest property loan

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12/07/2019 | Inauguration
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In a market where prices per square meter are reaching record highs - more than 8,000 euros in Luxembourg-City – reducing the cost and risk of your mortgage is becoming an absolute priority. Understanding and finding the best financing solution is therefore crucial for a successful home project.

Following the acquisition of Credit Expert by atHome, it is Nexfin’s turn, a newly registered company, to bring a new momentum in Luxembourg’s mortgage brokerage market. The structure is backed by the founding team of Nexvia, an innovative agency that developed unique digital tools on the Luxembourg real estate market.

Nexfin offers a unique digital tool, available for free online, to simulate the costs, risk exposure and tax savings of each solution available on the market: fixed, variable, revisable and home savings scheme. During his presentation, Vincent Quillé, Managing Director, detailed his ambitions: “this tool allows everyone to clearly understand the impact of interest rate fluctuations on the real cost of each financing solution”, he then added, “we are often surprised when we find out which solution is actually the cheapest!”

When it comes to selling, moving out or leaving the country - implying an anticipated reimbursement - the tool can calculate the real cost of the mortgage on the shortened period, including the early repayment penalties.

Through a meeting, Nexfin can also structure the most suitable financing solution for the client's profile and project. Vincent highlighted, “on average, we can lower the cost of borrowing by 10% by doing a mix of several financing solutions. The cost is lowered even further thanks to the best rates you can get through our brokerage services”.

Nexfin innovates in the brokerage sphere by bringing tailor-made advice to the clients' specific projects and particularities. For its offices, the company picked a central location in the heart of the city, at 11 rue des Capucins.

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