Deloitte Luxembourg named ICT Strategic Advisor of the Year


Deloitte Luxembourg won the “ICT Strategic Advisor of the Year” prize at the Luxembourg ICT awards 2017 on 5 December

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22/12/2017 |
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    Joel Vanoverschelde, Advisory and Consulting Leader at Deloitte Luxembourg

This award is every year given to a company that offers high-quality IT consulting services and that is capable of finding solutions to the various challenges facing the sector. The candidates in this category must demonstrate that they foster best practices while accompanying their clients in the development of their projects.

This ICT Strategic Advisor of the Year award was a recognition of Deloitte’s adapted methodology allowing successful digital transformations and an entertaining and well-structured application. This year, Deloitte Luxembourg has led 42 digital projects to help customers improve their businesses. “Receiving this award again this year is the acknowledgement of our continuous work and of the support we bring to our clients through the evolution of information and communication technology.” comments Joel Vanoverschelde, Advisory and Consulting Leader at Deloitte Luxembourg. “This evolution is causing waves of change, and what was an advantage yesterday might be a barrier tomorrow and it is our role to help our customers keep pace with changes and strengthen their position in their markets.”

More than 1,000 ICT professionals gathered at the Casino 2000 in Mondorf-les-Bains for the 11th edition of the Gala IT One, according to Farvest. After a couple of presentations and a round table on the latest trends and challenges of the sector (the advent of IoT, the ongoing war for talent or the rise of security and risk management), the ceremony of the Luxembourg ICT Awards took place, to recognize the best practices and solutions of the year.

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