Didier Wasilewski joins the Executive Board of the artelis group

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Didier Wasilewski, Senior Executive of artelis s.a. and long-standing Sales Manager in Luxembourg, will join the Executive Board of artelis s.a., VSE NET GmbH and cegecom s.a. as of April 1st.

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28/03/2024 | Personnalités
  • Wasilewski Didier 2024

He succeeds Georges Muller, who recently passed away unexpectedly.

Dr. Stephan Tenge, Chairman of the Board of artelis s.a.: "We are convinced that Didier Wasilewski, as an experienced manager with over 24 years' experience within our group of companies, will successfully continue the excellent work done in the past by Georges Muller. By joining Marc Kahabka on the Executive Board, Didier Wasilewski will be able to contribute even more actively to the further development of the artelis group.”

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