“It's unanimous – registering your brand on Amazon is a must”: e-Comas launches complete guide to Brand Registry


Every key feature of Amazon Brand Registry detailed in e-Comas white paper, as survey finds many benefits are still unknown.

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16/03/2023 |
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We're proud to announce our new white paper: Owning your brand on Amazon: Why you need Brand Registry.

Launched today, the white paper is a complete analysis of Amazon Brand Registry, detailing all its features – from its IP protection tools, to its enhanced advertising opportunities.

It includes commentary from our friends and partners in the eCommerce industry about why Brand Registry is such a no-brainer for brands selling on Amazon.

Brand Registry: a must

Yes, we're shamelessly partisan on this one: Brand Registry is a must for brands selling on Amazon.

Protecting your brand and intellectual property from counterfeiters and listings hijackers is an obvious benefit, but there are dozens more.

Sellers that don't register their brand can only advertise in the most basic way, with basic listings, and are less likely to see their Amazon sales take off.

Enrolling in Brand Registry gives you more sophisticated advertising methods, allows you to enhance your listings content, and also unlocks better support – as well as many other benefits.

Our survey said...

Brand and IP protection are, in fact, surprisingly low on the list of what sellers enrolled in Brand Registry most benefit from, according to our survey of Amazon sellers, the results of which are published in the white paper.

There are scores of other major benefits that are less well known too. Our survey found that while most sellers are enrolled in Brand Registry, lots of them aren't making full use of the benefits.

These benefits include advanced advertising methods (Sponsored Display, Sponsored Video), brand-building tools (Enhanced Content, Amazon Stores), social media features (Amazon Live, Amazon Posts) and launch tools (New Seller Incentives).

Our white paper gives a complete picture of these benefits, and should provide a valuable tool for businesses looking to maximise their presence on Amazon.

Even without using all the features, Brand Registry boosts business. Our survey found that most sellers (74% of respondents) have seen a growth in sales since enrolling in Brand Registry.

Brand Registry also increases business productivity, according to 51% of our respondents.

Case studies

The white paper includes case studies from real e-Comas clients to show how Brand Registry can be leveraged to improve your business.

We've used stories from three of our own clients, showing different uses of Brand Registry:

  1. To protect your brand and organise distribution
  2. To showcase your 'social' side on Amazon and increase brand awareness
  3. To maximise advertising on Amazon, even on a tight budget.

Each of these case studies can act as a guide to a brand that wants to boost its sales in the same way – as well as showcasing how you can grow your business on Amazon most quickly and efficiently with professional agency help.

Quotes from the experts

We contacted our fellow eCommerce experts to tell us their own favourite things about Brand Registry.

Our friends at Amzello, BetterAMS, BidX, Black Label Advisor, eComEngine, Frisbi, GETIDA, intomarkets, MarginBusiness and SellerApp have contributed hidden benefits of Brand Registry and their reasons for compelling all Amazon sellers to enrol.

That means you don't just have to take e-Comas's word for it: Amazon experts are unanimous in their support of Brand Registry.

Our tips

We've also given readers the benefits of our advice for a Brand Registry-led Amazon strategy.

Our tips include a step-by-step guide to enrolling and making the most of all of Amazon's Brand Registry-enabled features, including which features to prioritise, how to get started with different ad campaigns, and how to split your budget most effectively.

Jérôme de Guigné, CEO of e-Comas, says: “We're delighted to launch this white paper, outlining the many benefits of enrolling in Brand Registry.

“Brand Registry is well known, and most Amazon sellers are already in the programme, but we still see so many clients who aren't aware of the full benefits they could be taking from it.

“With this white paper we're aiming to educate clients and other Amazon sellers on the many ways they could be growing sales through their Amazon account – and how Brand Registry is the key to unlocking all those benefits.”

Download the white paper here: https://e-comas.com/white-paper-form.html#/

For more information contact Jess Chapman at

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