Winter 2022 and summer 2023: Luxair optimises its flight schedule and unveils two of its new destinations for next summe

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After a summer marked by a strong desire for travel, Luxair and its tour operator, LuxairTours continue their development and introduce optimisations of their flight plan for winter 2022, always with the aim of offering more flexibility to their customers looking for “winter sun” weekends and getaways. The airline does not stop there and is already planning two new destinations for summer Copy to French2023!

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21/09/2022 |
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Winter 2022: Luxair optimises its flight frequency  

Luxair and LuxairTours will increase their frequencies to certain destinations this winter, at the request of their customers, with the following flight additions:  

  • Porto: Addition of an extra flight on Friday bringing the number of weekly rotations to 11.
  • Palma de Mallorca: Additional flights on Sunday, for a total of up to 4 rotations per week.
  • Faro: Addition of an extra flight on Wednesday bringing the number of weekly rotation to 3.  
  • Dublin: Addition of an extra flight on Saturday bringing the number of weekly rotation to 5.
  • Oslo: Addition of an extra flight on Wednesday bringing the number of weekly rotation to 3.
  • Hamburg: Addition of two extra flights on Tuesday and Thursday bringing the number of weekly rotation to 8.  

For the first time this winter, the airline's customers will be able to fly to Prague with two flights per week on Fridays and Mondays. A great opportunity to discover over a long weekend the capital of the Czech Republic, usually only served during summer season. 

Summer 2023: Launch of two new destinations Pescara in Italy  Luxair has just opened for sale Pescara, an Italian seaside resort on the Adriatic Sea, as a new destination. Renowned for its beaches, the city of Pescara benefits from an attractive geographical location between the Lazio region and Puglia. A total change of scenery, with just a 2:10 hours flight from Luxembourg at a starting price of 119€ the round trip. With the addition of Pescara, Luxair now operates 14 Italian destinations, while further improving its service towards Italy.  
The announcement of the opening of this new destination in the very heart of Italy will surely delight many Luxair customers. Pescara has become a favourite holiday destination for many Italians and attracts a growing number of visitors due to its touristic potential and the beauty of its coastline offering nature lovers sumptuous beaches. 
Luxembourg is a cosmopolitan country with a large community from the Abruzzo region, where the new Italian destination Pescara is situated. 
As from March 2023 and with two flights per week, on Mondays and Fridays, Luxair customers will be able to fly to the seaside resort of Pescara and combine the charm of Italy with the natural beauty of the Adriatic coast. 

LG6723 Luxembourg – Pescara   12h45 – 14h55

LG6724 Pescara – Luxembourg 15h35 – 17h50  


LG6723 Luxembourg – Pescara  06h00 – 08h10  

LG6724 Pescara – Luxembourg 08h55 – 11h10  
Split in Croatia From 30 April 2023 and for the upcoming summer season, Luxair will add Split, in Croatia, to its flight schedule. With one flight per week, LuxairTours customers will be able to discover the country's second most populated city after its capital Zagreb. Situated on the Dalmatian coast, Split has many idyllic beaches and overlooks several islands inviting visitors to cruise. 

LG421 Luxembourg – Split   06h25 – 08h50 

LG422 Split – Luxembourg 09h35 – 12h05  
Useful links: Find out pictures of Pescara and Split on the following link:  

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