Apex Group expands pioneering ESG offering with new Impact Investing Solution


Apex Group Ltd. (“Apex Group” or “The Group”), a global financial services provider, today announces the expansion of its ESG offering with the launch of a new Impact Positive Solution for investors and companies seeking to measure and drive positive change.

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20/09/2022 |
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Apex Group’s Impact Positive Solution provides the most comprehensive impact assessment services for the private markets – enabling investors and companies to demonstrate meaningful and measurable positive impacts with integrity.

Impact investing is growing rapidly, with the average portfolio asset allocation towards impact investing set to almost double from 2019 to 2025 according to research conducted by Barclays Private Bank. However, to date, lack of rigorous measurement and interpretation of impact performance remain key challenges for the industry.

Due to the multi-dimensional and complex nature of companies’ impacts, a range of qualitative and quantitative data is required for a comprehensive assessment. Furthermore, each company needs a tailored approach, with impact performance data collected customized to its activity and unique context.

Apex Group’s Impact Positive Solution supports investors, and their underlying portfolio, to identify material impacts, select tailored Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”), and assess impact performance to increase, accelerate and communicate positive impact through a 5-step process:

  1. A tailored and comprehensive ‘do no significant harm’ assessment and exclusion screening to ensure any impact does not compromise other considerations;
  2. Substantial contribution assessment and impact KPI identification to track meaningful, measurable impact data aligned with leading frameworks and methodologies, including the Impact Management Project, SDGs, IRIS+, and regulations such as the EU Taxonomy;
  3. Regular data collection with ease and simplicity via Apex ESG’s proprietary online platform with qualitative and quantitative data, tailored to the company to put impact performance into context;
  4. Independent data verification and advisory by expert ESG analysts to ensure impact integrity; and
  5. In-depth impact reporting of verified KPIs aligned to best-in-class standards and regulations, that can be integrated within ESG and financial reporting for all investor and regulator requests.

This product is launched as part of Apex Group’s ESG Impact Month, an initiative to drive accountability for ESG in the financial services space. ESG Impact Month will run across September and October and see Apex Group bring new ESG products to the market. ESG Impact Month aims to educate and raise awareness for ESG issues in the financial services space, support the flow of capital towards sustainable investments, and have an immediate impact through contributing financially to important charitable causes.

Andy Pitts-Tucker, Managing Director, ESG at Apex Group comments: “We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Impacting Investing Solution as we embark on Apex Group’s ESG PRESS RELEASE Impact Month. Our strong emphasis on client support and ability to tailor the right solutions for their needs delivers an accurate, relevant solution for clients who want to show they are driving meaningful change. With the expansion of our ESG offering we hope to address the challenges and hurdles faced by investors across the financial services industry, enabling us all to make a positive impact on the world and drive constructive change for many years to come.”

Over 350 LPs and GPs in over 45 countries are already using Apex Group’s award-winning ESG services, to report on their investments in-line with ESG standards and regulations. To learn more about Apex Group’s ESG solutions:

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