With its Co-Managed LAN solution, Mixvoip transforms network management

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Mixvoip, specialist for IT services and business telephony has just announced its new Co-Managed LAN platform that makes network management more flexible and efficient. Based on Huawei’s SDN platform iMaster NCE hosted in the certified Tier IV data centers in Luxembourg, the Co-Managed LAN solution from Mixvoip guarantees the highest levels of security and availability.

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Mixvoip continues its innovations with the launch of its new Co-Managed LAN solution, an integrated cloud platform that allows IT teams to manage all devices connected to the network from one central point. The operations on the network can thus be carried out much more quickly and the potential for error is more limited. The improved reactivity improves network availability and reduces management costs.

The main benefits of Mixvoip's Co-Managed LAN solution are based on the following functions:

Centralized Management. IT environments usually consist of equipments and systems from many different vendors, most of which have their own monitoring tools. Using the Co-Managed LAN solution, you can gather tools such as monitoring storage, network performance, applications, databases and devices under one powerful platform. With the Co-Managed LAN solution, you will save time and avoid the creation of data silos that can lead to human error which slows down information flow and interferes with collaboration.

Unified Networks. In some companies, equipment and infrastructure are often spread over several geographical locations. Depending on how these networks are managed, they may be isolated, semi-independent networks or they may be linked together in a large connected network. The Co-Managed LAN solution from Mixvoip improves the performance of the networks by unifying them.

Extensive overview. With a lot of different equipment, protocols, monitoring tools and infrastructures distributed over various sites, it can be difficult for companies to get a good overview over their IT infrastructures. Mixvoip’s Co-Managed LAN solution helps IT teams with the implementation of a centralized oversight of their infrastructure. For this, it collects data from many separate sources creating visibility across the entire technology stack.

Individual views for teams and specialists. In addition to full visibility for centralized management, Mixvoip’s Co-Managed LAN solution offers individual views for you to define roles and rights, to create individual maps and dashboards or manage alerts in real time.

With its Co-Managed LAN solution, Mixvoip positions itself as a true team player at the heart of its clients' businesses. "Too many times, we have seen customers spend too much time opening a ticket and describing their need to their service provider's helpdesk than doing the work on their own. This is one of the reasons why we developed this service. We complete the skills our customers lack and if their teams are not available, we take care of the required work", says Loic Didelot, CEO, Mixvoip.

"With our solution, we let the customer decide where to place the balance between the workload he wants to assume himself and the one he wants to entrust to us. Adding new equipment to the network is easy since devices can be configured directly on the platform. The customer doesn’t need to physically connect the new device to the network any more. He only needs to wait a few minutes and the device is all set up ", comments Marc Tholl, Head of Network Operations, Mixvoip.

"Huawei is very committed to its partnership with Mixvoip in the network field. Thanks to Huawei’s program Fast Track (order now and get your delivery within 2 weeks) and Mixvoip’s solution "Co-Managed LAN", we can offer a reliable and fast high-quality network to Belgian and Luxembourg customers", explains Derek Huang, General Manager, Huawei BeLux Enterprise.

Since its launch in December 2021, the Co-Managed LAN service from Mixvoip has been growing rapidly. The company has already gained almost 20 customers for the SDN platform, and a first Managed Services Partner (MSP) has recently signed a contract.

More information can be found under www.Mixvoip.com/LAN

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