Lab Luxembourg S.A. (Labgroup) and its partner Cohesity present their data protection solutions during the Cybersecurity Week in Luxembourg

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Taking part in the Cybersecurity Week, organised once again by "SECURITYMADEIN.LU", Lab Luxembourg S.A. (Labgroup) held an event in collaboration with its partner Cohesity ( on Thursday 28th October 2021 at the Parc Hotel Alvisse in Luxembourg.

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12/11/2021 |
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The morning’s programme? Labgroup and Cohesity presented the importance of data protection and the risks of cyber-attacks, which are increasingly present today. The various speakers emphasised the necessity to implement adequate solutions enabling companies to establish a secure computing environment to ensure the sustainability of their activities.

Why are these attacks increasingly present? According to Franck Brix Pedersen, Field Technical Director at Cohesity, one problem is often visible in organisations. This is the increase in the volume of data and the multiplication of locations where this data is stored, thus creating massive data fragmentation, which significantly increases the risk of exposure to cyber-attacks.

How to protect your organisation against this type of incident? As explained by Franck Brix Pedersen, Field Technical Director at Cohesity, Micaël Weber, Sales Director at Labgroup and Michel Maggi, Chief Technology Officer at Labgroup, the key to being able to mitigate this type of incident is to implement a complete and unique data protection, backup and recovery solution within organisations.

A strategic partner since 2018, Cohesity offers data backup and recovery solutions that Labgroup now provides to many of its customers worldwide. The volume of data backed up by Labgroup represents more than 2500 TeraBytes, and on a daily basis, more than 3650 backups are performed for Labgroup's customers.

The issue of "ransomware", computer attacks aimed at encrypting data in exchange for ransom payments by hackers, was also addressed by Franck Brix Pedersen in order to point out importance and major role of data protection in companies. 

Innovative solutions for optimal data protection.

Cohesity Helios - a multi-cloud data platform. Cohesity Helios was presented by Franck Brix Pedersen. This is a single interface from which it is possible to manage one’s data, whether it is located in datacentres, in a private cloud, at edge locations or in one or more public cloud platforms.

Data Protect - a powerful backup and recovery solution. The benefits of a backup and recovery solution such as Data Protect were presented by Micaël Weber and Michel Maggi. Labgroup's Data Protect, with its unique, scalable distributed platform, provides comprehensive protection against data loss and radically simplifies the way organisations can monitor, protect and retrieve their data.

Data Protect, operates within the field of secondary storage management, has a multitude of features. The solution offers data backup, almost instantaneous recovery of virtual machines or data after a disaster, off-site replication, archiving, test and dev and insight data analytics.

Fast, simple and effective, the solutions offered by Labgroup and Cohesity simplify data protection mechanisms. Labgroup's mission is to guide clients in a protection policy and digital trust through the implementation of best practices.

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