Vanbreda & Lang joins the LU-CIX community


LU-CIX, the Luxembourg Internet Exchange Point, is pleased to welcome Vanbreda & Lang S.A., risk and insurance broker in Luxembourg, as a new Gold member.  

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17/06/2021 |
  • Lu-Cix

Vanbreda & Lang S.A. is the independent Luxembourg branch of the Vanbreda Risk & Benefits group. With a team of 14 dedicated employees, they service more than 7.500 multi-risk clients in the Grand-Duchy. They advise corporate and institutional clients and medical professionals (Lux Medical Care) in the areas of insurance, risk management and employee benefits. They also propose fully digitalized group insurance solutions for private individuals. 

With the exponential rise of Cyber incidents and an average cost of 30.000€ per case, Vanbreda & Lang has now raised a focus and created a dedicated Cyber Insurance Team. As Frédéric Vandendorpe Commercial Director puts it: “it’s not a matter of IF you’ll have a cyber incident but WHEN.” 

 “We’re really glad to have Vanbreda & Lang joining our members’ community to help spread Cyber Insurance as a growing focus within the community. Not only because of the financial and logistical impact of a cyber incident can have for a company’s reputation and for its staff but also because, to be eligible for such an insurance the companies have to comply with certain requirements that should be help it to be safe. We’re always focusing on anticipating and being ready and the state of crisis we have been in for the past year has really reminded each and every one of us about this important topic.” stated Frédérique Ulrich, Head of Business Development and Marketing at LU-CIX ASBL. 

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