Cap4 Group announces the appointment of a new group synergy manager

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Cap4 Group has just appointed Denis Guyonnaud as the new Group Synergy Manager on June 1st. A key role in which he will steer and ensure the coherence of all Cap4 Group subsidiaries by seeking to optimize consulting, architecture, development and training offers.

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14/06/2021 | Personnalités
  • Denis Guyonnaud

"Cap4 Group is constantly expanding, it is important to ensure that the different business lines work in good operational intelligence internally but especially externally for our customers and our partner MuleSoft. The combination of skills is worth more than the sum of its parts", explains Mauro Rocco, founder and managing partner of Cap4 Group.

After having been present from the European beginning of MuleSoft and having orchestrated their growth for France and Southern Europe for more than 7 years, as head of partners and markets, Denis Guyonnaud, decided to start an entrepreneurial adventure by joining Cap4 Learning, the training branch of Cap4 Group, in 2020. Fabien Zuili, founder and CEO of Cap4 Group, quickly saw in Denis Guyonnaud a strategic profile for the entire group: "the strength of Denis' profile is his dual competence with his technical knowledge on the subject of APIs on the one hand and his understanding of the strategic challenges of digital transformation on the other. Denis is a MuleSoft expert. He understands and masters perfectly the need to have a connection between, for example, APIs and Cloud services which are very closely linked. This is an essential quality to understand and ensure the needs and projects of our customers", comments Fabien Zuili.

The objective of Cap4 Group is to ensure the synergy of intra-group services. A good synergy within a group has a multiplier effect. The group's strength today lies in consulting, architecture, development and training of clients' internal resources. Denis Guyonnaud will have a supporting and collaborative role. "It is important to highlight our complete experience to our clients," adds Fabien Zuili.

At the same time, Denis Guyonnaud will continue to manage Cap4 Learning's operations. "Our mission with Cap4 Learning is to enable the training of internal resources to make the client autonomous. The subject of digital  transformation and APIs is no longer just the subject of the CIO. It is now a strategic subject for the CEO. There is a real need to have a digital capability to be able to be present on the different distribution, broadcast and marketing channels. Those who are not there will be face very real operational difficulties in terms of loss of revenue and reduction of capacity," concludes Denis Guyonnaud.

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