The environmental credit crunch – one of the biggest challenges that humanity faces

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New UBS Future of Earth report advises investing in solutions for a moresustainable planet.

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04/05/2021 |
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As global citizens, consumers, and investors, humans are stewards of the Earth. They have the power to shape a more sustainable path that will allow them to continue to evolve the quality of life while preserving the planet for the next generation. The “Future of Earth” rests with us. While current standards of living and overall levels of consumption are unsustainable in relation to the planet’s finite resources, UBS explores investment solutions for a more sustainable planet in its new “Future of Earth” report.

“Urgent action is needed to combat the growing climate crisis. More specifically, a coordinated effort between the public and private sector is going to be critical to solving the challenges ahead.” explains Heinrich Baer, Country Head at UBS in Luxembourg. “Luxembourg saw the momentum early on and consolidated action with multiple initiatives such as the launch of the Luxembourg Sustainable Finance Initiative (LSFI) as well as the development of the Sustainable Finance Strategy this year defining a series of concrete actions to be undertaken. The good news is that we have the opportunity to turn the tide, thanks to a combination of new technologies, increasingly sustainable consumers, and global policy coordination.”

Public private partnerships such as the LSFI build on the priorities outlined by the Paris Agreement on climate change and the European Commission, while aligning with international commitments to “build back better” and more sustainable from the COVID-19 pandemic. Looking to the future, UBS sees one of the biggest hurdles which humanity faces in what economists call the “environmental credit crunch”.

While climate change is a rising source of uncertainty in assessing asset values, more companies are endeavouring to reduce their environmental footprint and be better positioned for the future. Those that are innovating to solve climate-related challenges are going to enjoy robust long-term growth prospects.

“Business owners and investors urgently want to tackle environmental challenges efficiently and profitably,” says Heinrich Baer. “Our “Future of Earth” report considers catalytic investments that have the potential to generate strong financial returns, while at the same time addressing key topics ranging from air pollution to urban heat islands, dilapidated infrastructure to chronic freshwater shortages.”

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