Telindus enters into agreement with Ledger Enterprise Solutions to launch a digital assets custody solution for the Luxembourg financial industry

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Telindus, the award-winning provider of Cloud, ICT and telecom services, partners with Ledger Enterprise Solutions, the digital asset security expert for institutions, to provide the Luxembourg financial market with the best of world technology.

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19/04/2021 | Partenariat
  • Telindus

Digital assets market is growing rapidly. Bonds and real estate are being tokenized on the public blockchains, industries have started to introduce blockchain to control the quality and authenticity of goods during the manufacturing process across the supply chain. This is just a glimpse of its current usage. Institutional investors are also starting to identify the value of digital assets as the 21th century’s store of value. The question asked by all: how to secure their digital assets that can worth millions or billions of euro? Because when you lose the private key of your asset, you also lose the asset.

This is where the collaboration between Ledger Enterprise Solutions and Telindus comes to solve the issue. Ledger Enterprise Solutions will supply its Ledger Vault technology, recognized today as the leading enterprise-grade digital assets self-custody solution for custodians, exchanges, banks and traditional financial institutions. Regarding Telindus, since more than 40 years’ experience in Luxembourg, it provides its expertise in managing financial services infrastructure. Telindus has always supported the Luxembourg financial place and its players in their development. In this perspective, it develops innovative tools and services to aim at keeping the Luxembourg financial industry at the forefront. More broadly, Telindus assists its customers in their digital transformation.

Telindus has adapted Ledger Vault governance rules to comply with local Luxembourg financial regulation. Those rules are locally deployed by PSF experts from Telindus in Luxembourg.

At the heart of Europe, Luxembourg is a stable country with a strong economy. There are many reasons to choose Luxembourg among which: one of only ten countries worldwide with an AAA rating, growth consistently above the EU’s average, 40% of all European Tier IV data centres are hosted in Luxembourg with low-latency connections to all of the major European Internet hubs. Financial services in Luxembourg benefit greatly from this stability. Luxembourg is a leading economic player that offers quality infrastructure and services to connect business with the digital world.

Alexandre Lemarchand, Vice President Global Sales & Partners, Ledger, said: “Telindus is an established actor that quickly saw the opportunity behind crypto and digital assets as a whole. As such, they have contributed to the development of our industry. We are proud to partner with them by providing our security and technology expertise. We can now address the Luxembourg market with a compliant turnkey solution for the custody of digital assets.”

Daniel Soriano, Head of Core Banking Services & Cloud Business, Telindus, noted: “Ledger is a recognized leader in both security and digital asset management. We are happy to partner with them to address a growing demand in the industry: the custody of digital assets.”

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