Found(ing) passion within a crisis


Transforming a business within a crisis and find a niche to follow a real passion, and helping people and companies with the sharing of knowledge to be safer at the workplace and home. Fire prevention concerns everyone—every time.

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29/01/2021 |
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Dennis Roßbach moved from Germany to Luxembourg in 2019 to start a new chapter of his life. He founded a company with a focus on Consulting and further technology usage in the field of procurement. Within the global crisis starting in 2020, the business model struggled to get traction. After a few other ideas, Dennis decided to change the company and the field of activity radically. After he turned 31 and has done some market research, he saw the opportunity and need in fire prevention education in Luxembourg. He quickly started cooperating with a well-known and established company in Luxembourg to become a freelance trainer for their training and become an instructor for a big German Training Academy. And besides the rumors, it turned out he had the advantage to be German-speaking.

The need for German and English delivered activity is rising—Dennis's background in the voluntary fire department in 22 years, including the youth fire department's time and with more than 20 pieces of training in all aspects within a fire department, e.g., in firefighting, prevention, technical rescue, he is a passionate expert to share his knowledge with others in all aspects.

The training varies from handling a fire extinguisher, evacuating a building safely, and training people within a company to comply with the governmental rules in fire prevention, just to name a few. We all learned that our health and safety is the most precious thing and we need to protect it and train ourselves and the people in the companies.
For more information and how to train your people and have an expert at your side, Dennis will be happy to be your 112% passionate trainer. Invest in your safety and future now.

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Found(ing) passion within a crisis

Transforming a business within a crisis and find a niche to follow a real passio...


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