The Dunlop Sport All Season – A breakthrough all-season tire for mild winter climates

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The Dunlop Sport All Season is the brand’s first all-season tire and completes the Dunlop portfolio.  

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Dunlop is completing its brand portfolio with the debut of the Dunlop Sport All Season. The brand’s first all-season tire, it is optimized across a wide temperature range and offers exceptional braking on wet and slippery roads[1]. 
“The Dunlop Sport All Season is a product that is designed to offer premium performance for mild winter climates,” said Mike Rytokoski, Chief Marketing Officer, Europe at Goodyear, “ with a three-peak mountain snowflake certification, the Sport All Season will cope with all weather conditions - dry, wet, and snowy.” 
Part of the Goodyear brand portfolio, Dunlop benefitted from industry-leading knowledge for its entry into the all-season segment. The inventor of the all-season tire, Goodyear recently launched the Vector 4Seasons Gen-3, a worthy successor to the Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 – an all-season tire that has more awards than any other brand[2]. 
The Dunlop Sport All Season is a unique concept that employs a rib-design, as well as three important features.  
Thanks to a sport-lock construction, the tire provides exceptional handling on dry surfaces. The tire's strong belt and overlay package support sport performance power when cornering by providing better stability.  

An aqua-eject tread delivers strong braking performance on wet surfaces; its highcapacity longitudinal grooves and radial edges deliver more extensive road contact by accelerating water evacuation from the contact patch. 

Finally, the Dunlop Sport All Season features a weather-flex compound that delivers optimized performance under any temperature or weather condition. The multifunctional polymer blend activates rubber flexibility at a wide temperature range.  
“Dunlop is proud to step into the all-season market with a product tailored to the needs of consumers, who are increasingly purchasing all-season tires and who expect excellent wet and dry performance when doing so," Rytokoski concluded. 

The Dunlop Sport All Season has a line-up of 31 SKUs to be launched starting in October 2020, ranging from 14-inch to 18-inch tires. 

[1] Based on internal testing. Tested tires: Michelin CrossClimatePlus, Pirelli Cinturato All Season Plus, Hankook Kinergy4S2 H750, Continental All Season Contact, Dunlop Sport All Season. Tested car: VW Golf VII 1.4 Tsi. Test results may vary, depending on e.g., geometry of the asphalt, asphalt composition, speed, water height, ambient temperature.

[2] Based on 34 tests conducted by 18 leading and independent European tire magazines from January 2015 to December 2019. The calculation is based on the number of tests Goodyear won in the all-season segment versus all competitors tested. More information is available at 


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