Swedish EV charging company CaCharge comes to Luxembourg


 Growth through partnership with Odyssey Impact Investments.

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06/04/2020 | Partenariat
  • Odissey Impact Investments

CaCharge, a Swedish industry leader in smart EV charging solutions, is stepping into the European market and is now selling its charging solution through Luxembourg partner company Odyssey Impact Investments. CaCharge, whose international expansion kicked off with the launch of a new establishment in Norway in 2019, is currently evaluating establishments in more European countries.    

– If the electric car boom is to become a reality, it must be possible to charge a lot of cars simultaneously at an economical cost. CaCharge is the only charging solution where every single component is optimised for profitable, large-scale EV charging. We have our own charging box, while the open APIs mean that other suppliers can use our charging service with their charging boxes and systems, says

CaCharge's CEO Kurt Högnelid.  CaCharge is expanding into Europe with a network of partners and resellers. In March, the company closed its first deal in the Benelux region through the company’s first European partner – Odyssey Impact Investments.    

– We are happy to support CaCharge in scaling their operations in Benelux, starting with Luxembourg, where their product and service is now available via our commercial subsidiary Parking Energy Services. We need more affordable EV charging infrastructure to enable smooth experience for electric cars drivers, and we in particular need to enable people to charge their cars while stationary at work and home, which is not possible without an accompanying load balancing solution for multiple parking bays. CaCharge offers high quality charging hardware and service and we are looking forward to our successful cooperation while contributing to private vehicle electrification, says Marina Mouravieva, Partner, Odyssey Impact Investments.  

– Europe is on the brink of an electric car boom – the proportion of electric cars sold doubled during the first few months of the year in 2020 in comparison with the same period last year. And at the same time, a large number of rechargeable car models are about to be released on the market. Now, the infrastructure around charging posts will expand quickly, adds Kurt Högnelid.  

Every part of CaCharge's complete electric car charging solution is designed to make large-scale electric car charging possible and economical. This includes load management, which evens out power peaks, user management and payment solutions that accommodate multiple contracts for the same parking space. 

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Odissey Impact Investments
06/04/2020 Partenariat

Swedish EV charging company CaCharge comes to Luxembourg

 Growth through partnership with Odyssey Impact Investments.

Odyssey Impact Investments

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