Covid 19 - Labgroup offers you free access to telework

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Labgroup offers free solutions and complementary services to support companies in this new way of working.

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10/04/2020 |
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In the context of the Coronavirus Covid 19 pandemic, Labgroup has decided to make its know-how and expertise available to the market, free of charge and without any commitment, in order to support companies in these challenging times.

“Companies had no choice but to quickly adapt their IT environment so that they could allow their employees to telework. However, beyond these IT challenges, we identified new emerging needs for which it has been necessary to develop adequate services quickly. », Bernard Moreau, CEO, Labgroup.

Labgroup can offer five simplified solutions, quick to implement while responding to current challenges:

  • Safe telework - Access to the office from the home

Our company offers all new VPS clients 3 months free hosting of their server(s) in our private cloud and VPN (Virtual Private Network) access to connect remotely and securely their business applications, without any further commitment.

  • Electronic signature - Sign documents remotely

We offer our EDM (Electronic Document Management) with integrated electronic signature functionalities (100 free e-signatures) for 3 months free of charge and without any commitment: the perfect tool to get started in teleworking.

  • Scanning of incoming mail - Manage paper mail

Labgroup offers outsourced management of the incoming mail to optimise the processing and sharing of invoices, contracts, purchase orders, etc.

Our offer includes:

  1. Scanning of incoming mail,
  2. Secure distribution of the PDF by email or through our ArcStoreTM platform,
  3. “OCR full-text”: OCR software uses optical technology to recognise text characters in digital files, allowing the client to find digitised files quickly.
  • Scan on demand - Digitise paper archives

To meet the emerging needs for teleworking, we offer a service to scan archive boxes stored in our warehouses. Our service includes:

  1. Scanning of archiving boxes,
  2. Secure distribution of the PDF by email or through our ArcStoreTM platform,
  3. “OCR full-text”: OCR software uses optical technology to recognise text characters in digital files, allowing the client to find your digitised files quickly.
  • Home delivery of archive boxes

Our clients can have their archive boxes, currently stored in our warehouses, delivered to their home address. When choosing the delivery option for viewing an archive box from their ArcStoreTM account, authorised people can add their private address by sending an email to the Labgroup Service Desk. After verification, our Service Desk will add the new address within the ArcStoreTM Portal, and the client can generate a new request with the appropriate address for delivery to their home.

“The health and safety of our clients and our teams are a priority for us. We would like to sincerely thank all of our teams for the work they do on a daily basis despite these difficult circumstances. Thanks to them, we continue to provide exceptional, safe service to our clients.”, Bernard Moreau, CEO, Labgroup.

Our experts are at your disposal to activate these offers, advise you and respond to all your questions concerning the management of employee mobility (security, encryption, electronic signature, strong authentication).

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