Launch of the new Business Class menus on board Luxair Luxembourg Airlines flights

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Character, refinement and tradition - all the ingredients of a brand-new catering concept

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Luxair Luxembourg Airlines decided to completely change its Business Class catering concept, as part of its continuous improvement approach. LuxairServices Catering, LuxairGroup’s entity in charge of producing meals and loading logistics, was therefore entrusted to design them.

This new concept is the result of a two-year collaboration with Villeroy & Boch and My Roots.

The tray layout was reworked using tableware by Villeroy & Boch, which has always played a prominent role in Luxembourg’s history and heritage. The design and layout of this elegant tableware highlight Luxembourg’s national identity and echo the nation-branding concept.

LuxairServices Catering developed the recipes for the new Business Class menus in collaboration with My Roots, founded by the chefs René Mathieu and Mario Willems. Their healthy, colourful and flavoursome cuisine focusses on nature’s treasures. These new refined menus, freshly prepared by LuxairServices Catering chefs, will be served on board Luxair Luxembourg Airlines flights from 27 June 2019.

The menus were designed and prepared in Luxembourg with fresh regional produce that showcase the country’s know-how and values.

Luxair joined forces with like-minded partners, such as Villeroy & Boch, My Roots and other various suppliers.

Luxair Luxembourg Airlines as well as the other LuxairGroup entities are part of the Luxembourgish landscape and are well aware of their responsibilities. Our responsible economic development strategy shows just how important the region and territory are for the company.

This full range of economy and business class menus allows LuxairServices Catering to propose quality products made in a healthy environment and according to processes that combine social and environmental responsibility.
LuxairServices Catering use fresh produce, which is mainly sourced locally, and strictly calculate quantities for scheduled production to minimise waste and wastage. Any unforeseen surplus is given to an association that works for people in need.

Meals served in economy class, also prepared by LuxairServices Catering chefs by hand, were influenced by and benefitted from experience gained during this major project. A new snack concept has already been designed in line with LuxairGroup continuous improvement policy. Luxair passengers already have the chance to taste the new sandwiches on board.

Luxair Luxembourg Airlines’ reliability, customer service and quality make all the difference. This healthy and refined catering approach, inspired by the Michelin-starred chef René Mathieu established in Luxembourg, completes various efforts that have already been undertaken at a Group level.

On-board meals are a key part of Luxair Luxembourg Airlines and LuxairTours service. Passengers will always be provided with a full meal or a snack depending on the duration of the flight.

Video presenting the new menus proposed in the Business Class:

Photos of the new menus proposed in the Business Class and of the new sandwiches proposed in the Economy Class:

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