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AXA Luxembourg offers its Pet Insurance solution through its network of general and main agents - the only health insurance policy for dogs and cats in Luxembourg. To offer to these animals the best daily care, without any unforeseen expenses weighing on their owners' budgets.

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Proper members of the family who deserve the best care
There are around 80,000 cats and dogs within the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. These pets bring overflowing affection, play with children and brighten up everyday life. It is therefore quite natural that little four-legged companions are increasingly entering the homes of Luxembourg residents.

These are proper members of the family and deserve the best care, including the best health care. As this care can quickly become expensive, a health insurance package provides a solution to protect against heavy and sometimes unforeseen expenses. AXA Luxembourg now offers this Pet Insurance health insurance package through its entire network of general and main agencies and thus establishes itself as the only insurer offering this product to Luxembourg residents.

A health budget that is often underestimated
Between identification, vaccination, sterilisation and various other care, a pet is not only the focus of its owner’s concerns, but also of his or her outgoings. Having a dog means an average of two visits a year to a health care professional. The price of consultations is around €35 to €45 depending on the practitioner. Veterinary expenses therefore represent a certain budget for the year, and this excludes unforeseen interventions following an illness or an accident which can cost up to €1,000 or even €2,000 for cats and dogs, to which hospitalisation costs need to be added too.

Pet Insurance, a package adapted to everyone's needs
AXA's Pet Insurance package makes it possible to cover veterinary expenses (consultation, appointment, hospitalisation, medicines and other treatment) related to your pet’s health care. Starting at €12 per month for a cat and €14 per month for a dog, AXA's Pet Insurance package is available in three formulas: easy, easy-plus and comfort. These three formulas make it possible to best meet the needs of owners and their pets, with a repayment ceiling of €2,500 per year.

Note that the health costs covered are costs relating not only to illnesses but also to accidents involving the pet. An additional benefit of AXA's Pet Insurance package for young dogs and cats is cover for vaccines and sterilisation, as long as the pet is less than two years old.

Under the Comfort formula, the maximum cover, the "assistance" extension also makes it possible to cover the costs of looking after the pet if the owner himself needs to be hospitalised, as well as search costs if the pet is lost, and animal ambulance costs.

Act while protecting what matters
AXA's mission in Luxembourg is to give everyone the means to live a better life through different insurance solutions.
For Magali Zuber, Director of Marketing, Offer, Distribution and Customer Service at AXA Luxembourg: "This is more than a simple insurance policy - Pet Insurance is fully in line with our approach of supporting our customers to help them protect what matters most to them. AXA has always been a leader and an innovator, so it was obvious for us to be pioneers and to bring a complete insurance solution for dogs and cats to the Luxembourg market, in view of the growing concern of owners for the health of their pets.”

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