Arval Luxembourg pledges to plant 10,000 trees in Luxembourg with Reforest’Action

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Arval Luxembourg, a major player on the operational lease market for company cars in Luxembourg, is strengthening its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by supporting Reforest’Action, a social enterprise whose primary mission is to raise awareness and protect forests.

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11/11/2020 |
  • Gerry Wagner

    Gerry Wagner, General Manager, Arval Luxembourg

As part of this commitment, Arval is pledging to plant 10,000 trees in Luxembourg over the 2020/2021 planting season.

Many of Luxembourg’s forests have been adversely affected by climate change and damaged by diseases and insects. Planting trees is essential, therefore, and doing so will benefit the local area in a number of ways: by capturing CO2 in the trees and forest floor, creating a habitat for biodiversity, generating oxygen through photosynthesis, and lastly creating local jobs associated with planting and managing trees right through to maturity. Reforest’Action is currently working on identifying plots on which to plant trees; it selects forestry projects based on precise specifications that include a requirement to choose a variety of species suited to the local ecosystem.

This initiative mirrors Arval Luxembourg’s milestone of putting 10,000 vehicles on the roads, which it achieved in H2 2020 thanks to a strategy with a firm focus on client satisfaction and providing a high-quality service every day. This means that Arval Luxembourg’s fleet has almost doubled in under four years. By reaching this milestone, Arval has strengthened its position as a major player on Luxembourg’s operational lease market.

“Whether through concrete actions relating to the energy transition or green transport, it is our duty to have a positive impact in everything we do. Planting 10,000 trees can only help us put down deeper roots in Luxembourg and serve as tangible proof of our strong commitment to CSR. This initiative also symbolises the unbreakable bond between us and our clients and the trust they place in us, both of which are well grounded – just like the trees that will be planted!” says Gerry Wagner, Managing Director of Arval Luxembourg.

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