Despite Corona crisis people want to travel again!

fr en de conducted a survey among its customers and positive insights for the mobility and travel industry came out. 

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28/05/2020 |
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Because cares about the health and safety of its passengers a survey has been conducted in mid-May. The aim of this survey was to collect insights regarding the safety measures our customers would expect on our shuttle buses in order to travel again. The results are positive and motivating for the whole mobility and travel industry! asked the opinion of its customers and followers and 1578 people from all over Europe were willing to share their expectations regarding safety measures in the shuttle busses.  

Despite being uncertain of their travel plans for the summer of 2020, there is a desire to travel again after the lockdown period is over. In fact, 80% of the participants expressed their will to travel abroad once the governments will open the borders.  
This result encourages us even more since 87% of the customers affirm that they would take the shuttle buses to go to the airport. More specifically 45% of the participants would take the shuttle bus without hesitation and 42% would take the shuttle bus, if there are safety measures taken. Given the current circumstances these results seem very predictable. Therefore, team is working to install the necessary safety measures to guarantee the wellbeing of every passenger and staff member. In this particular context wanted to integrate its customers in the decision process to meet their expectations and make them feel relaxed during their next journeys. This is why we asked our audience for safety measures they would expect to see on the shuttle buses. The big majority (88% of participants) thinks that the use of masks should be mandatory. The disinfection of the shuttle buses after every ride (62% of  participants) and hydroalcoholic gel available for every passenger (61% of participants) are the next most important measures to consider.  
Tobias Stüber, Chief Executive Officer of FlibTravel International SA says: “The survey shows us that people do want to travel again, but in a safe way! The whole team is working very intensely with its partners in order to establish the right safety measures for our passengers. We always cross-check the safety measure with airlines to be in line with their standards as we share the same customers. Here we hope that the regulations linked to the occupancy rate will be as well the same than the ones of the airlines. We are in negotiation with associations and contacting governments to get this permission as a logical consequence linked to the airlines’ regulations. We hope that the potential is coming back soon as the effects of the crisis are severe on the transport industry. Nevertheless, we stay positive and hope to be back on the roads as soon as possible and welcome our clients onboard of our airport shuttles again.”  

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