Linklaters Magenta Horizons Event looks to the future


Celebrating the tenth anniversary of its annual client conference, Magenta Horizons, Wednesday 15th January, Linklaters presented a stellar panel of speakers who painted a compelling picture of tomorrow's world.

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16/01/2020 |
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This year's theme, Vision 2030, offered a snapshot of how life may look at the start of the next decade. Each speaker, an expert in their specialist field, examined the impact and consequences of new and developing trends set to emerge throughout the next decade. From geopolitics and ground-breaking technology to Artificial Intelligence and sustainable living, it seems the world is on the verge of unprecedented change. Event facilitator Nicki Kayser, partner, said: 

"The research alone for our Vision 2030 event provided some intriguing insights into what lies ahead. And our panel brought that future to life with real examples and a clear understanding of the bigger picture. Fascinating, challenging and at times perhaps a little daunting."

The panel comprised four speakers: Jacques Bughin, a recognized expert in global economic and technology trends; Joshua Klayman, one of America's most high-profile blockchain and crypto currency lawyers; Meghan O'Sullivan, former special assistant to President George W. Bush; Dr Morgaine Gaye, a leading food futurologist. Together they identified a future shaped by new technologies and Artificial Intelligence, informed by environmental and climate considerations and an increasing awareness of the power of emerging super-economies and their growing influence on the geopolitical stage. 

Linklaters' commitment to helping build a sustainable future to meet the challenges tomorrow will bring was evident throughout the event. Guests were invited to sample plant, herb and insect-based food alongside some stunning examples of 3D printed food.

In keeping with the spirit, Linklaters has committed to planting three trees on behalf of every guest in support of global reforestation. This year, in collaboration with Planète Urgence, Linklaters will plant 1,200 trees. Marketing and Business Development Manager, Veronique Cioli, says that the tree-planting initiative is the first step in a drive to support and encourage greater sustainable behaviour within the firm. 

Following a highly engaging presentation from the speakers, Managing Partner Patrick Geortay took to the stage along with Linklaters' partners and counsels to thank guests for their continued support over the years. 

"It is an honour to stand on this stage at the Magenta Horizons' 10th anniversary and see so many familiar faces alongside new ones as well. Our success is down to your continued support and confidence in the professional service we provide. You are the heart of our firm and we are focused solely on meeting your needs and your expectations. I, and each of the Linklaters' partners and counsels here, would like to take this opportunity to thank you. We look forward to this new decade and rising to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of us together." 

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