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The Board of Directors of BNP Paribas met on 30 October 2019. The meeting was chaired by Jean Lemierre and the Board examined the Group’s results for the third quarter 2019.

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04/11/2019 |
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Business growth and good cost containment

The business of BNP Paribas was up this quarter in all the operating divisions in a context where economic growth slowed down but still remained positive in Europe, in particular in France. The new monetary policy measures occurred at the end of the quarter and they will produce their full effect only in 2020.

Revenues, at 10,896 million euros, were up by 5.3% compared to the third quarter 2018 (+4.0% at constant scope and exchange rates).

In the operating divisions, they were up by 5.1%, with an increase in all divisions: +0.5% at Domestic Markets(1) where the effect of the low interest rate environment in the networks was more than offset by business growth, in particular in the specialised businesses; +5.1%(2) at International Financial Services as a result of good business development and +12.0% at CIB which delivered a strong performance with a rise in revenues in all its businesses.

At 7,421 million euros, the Group’s operating expenses were up by 2.0% compared to the third quarter 2018 (+0.4% at constant scope and exchange rates). They included the following exceptional items: 2020 plan transformation costs (178 million euros), restructuring costs of acquisitions(3) (48 million euros) and additional adaptation measures in BNL bc and Asset Management (30 million euros for departure plans) for a total of 256 million euros (267 million euros in the third quarter 2018).

The operating expenses of the operating divisions rose by 2.9% compared to the third quarter 2018: they were slightly up by 0.1% for Domestic Markets1 with a decrease in the networks (-0.9%) and a rise in the specialised businesses related to business development, up by 4.0% for International Financial Services (+0.4% at constant scope and exchange rates) to support growth, and up by 4.8% for CIB on the back of business growth.

Good cost containment led to a positive 3.3 point jaws effect (with a positive jaws effect in each of the operating divisions) thanks to the implementation, in line with the 2020 plan, of cost reduction measures (166 million euros in recurring savings generated this quarter for a cumulated total of 1.7 billion euros since the launch of the programme in early 2017 and a target of 3.3 billion euros in 2020). Transformation costs are in line with the targets announced and will come to an end, in line with the plan, at the end of 2019.

The Group’s gross operating income thus totalled 3,475 million euros, up by 13.0%. It was up by 9.5% for the operating divisions.

Cost of risk, at 847 million euros, was up 161 million euros compared to a low base in the third quarter 2018 when CIB recorded significant provision write-backs. At 41 basis points of outstanding customer loans, it was still at a low level, reflecting in particular the good control of risk at loan origination, the low interest rate environment and the continued improvement of credit portfolios in Italy.

The Group’s operating income, at 2,628 million euros, was thus up by 10.0%. It was up by 6.1% for the operating divisions.

Non-operating items totalled 177 million euros, down significantly compared to the third quarter 2018 (427 million euros) which recorded the exceptional impact of the capital gain on the sale of 30.3% of First Hawaiian Bank for 286 million euros.

Pre-tax income came to 2,805 million euros (2,816 million euros in the third quarter 2018) and was down by 0.4% but up by 9.4% excluding exceptional items.

Corporate tax, which totalled 767 million euros, rose compared to the same quarter last year (583 million euros) which had benefited from the low tax rate on the long-term capital gain on First Hawaiian Bank.

The Group’s net income attributable to equity holders was thus 1,938 million euros, down by 8.8% compared to the third quarter 2018 but up by 3.4% excluding exceptional items.

As at 30 September 2019, the common equity Tier 1 ratio came to 12.0%, up by 10 basis points compared to 30 June 2019. The leverage ratio(4) stood at 4.0%. The Group’s immediately available liquidity reserve was 351 billion euros, equivalent to over one year of room to manoeuvre in terms of wholesale funding.

The net book value per share reached 78.0 euros, equivalent to a compound annual growth rate of 5.1% since 31 December 2008, illustrating the continuous value creation throughout the cycle.

The Group is actively finalising its 2020 plan while strengthening its internal control and compliance system. It is pursuing an ambitious policy of engagement in society with significant initiatives to promote ethical responsibility, social and environmental innovation and a low carbon economy. Its action in this area is recognised: the Group was thus rated A1+ by Vigeo Eiris and ranked 4th company worldwide for its CSR track record.

(1) Including 100% of Private Banking in the domestic networks (excluding PEL/CEL effects)
(2) +1.9% at constant scope and exchange rates
(3) Restructuring costs related in particular to the integration of Raiffeisen Bank Polska and Opel Bank SA
(4) Calculated according to the delegated act of the European Commission dated 10 October 2014

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