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Through its CSR approach, LIFTEUROP cares for the environment just as it cares about the quality of its products, the well-being of its staff, the safety of its workers and the users of its lifting systems and accessories. There is one critical variable that must not be left out of this great equation: the customer!

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29/10/2019 |
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Like the rest of the ALIPA Group, respect is LIFTEUROP’s core value. This means respect for colleagues, the leadership, the environment, standards, and infrastructure, but above all for the customer: “We want to give customers on-time delivery of a quality product that respects their wishes. We know that it’s customers who are paying our salary and they can fire us whenever they want!” declares Michèle Detaille, Managing Director of the ALIPA Group.

Customised lifting systems

LIFTEUROP has its own design department to meet specific demands and fulfil its customers’ specifications. This design department also develops new products, making sure they meet standards and regulations in force. Whether for lifting beams or specific slinging devices, handling projects go through the design department. A made-to-measure service for customers.

Short delivery times

LIFTEUROP’s short delivery times are another way in which they set themselves apart from the competition. Respect for the customer means respecting agreed-upon deadlines. “We always try to respect deadlines. It’s truly one of our priorities.”, confides technical sales adviser Ferry PLATTES.

When company takes care of its customers, they show their appreciation in return. “Our sales are constantly on the rise!” Michèle Detaille tells us.

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