Lab Luxembourg SA (Labgroup) presents its Backup solutions for optimal data protection during the Cybersecurity Week

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Taking part in the Cybersecurity Week, organised for the third time by "Security Made in Luxembourg (Smile)",
Lab Luxembourg S.A. (Labgroup) held an event with its partner Carbonite on Tuesday, 22nd Octobre 2019 in the Silversquare premises in Luxembourg-city.

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30/10/2019 |
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    Micaël Weber, Sales director chez Labgroup

The morning’s programme? Presentations about data protection and data resilience, held by different speakers with a special focus on the implementation of good practices. A good protection plan helps companies to ensure the sustainability of their business during an incident that affects data access and helps to create a secure computing environment.

How to protect your organisation from an incident? According to Mathieu Mondino, Presales Manager at Carbonite, a leading IT company and leader in security solutions, the first key to an effective protection plan is data backup. These backups guarantee the availability and the fast and secure 24/7 access to the company’s data.

Strategic partners for more than 15 years, Carbonite (formerly EVault and Seagate) offers dedicated and effective "Backup" solutions that Labgroup provides to over 100 customers worldwide. The volume of backed up data is over 1000 Tera Bytes and Labgroup customers execute each day more than 3600 backups.

The issue of "ransomware", a computer attack to encrypt the data in exchange for a request for payment of a ransom by hackers, was also been addressed by Valentin Giannini, Security Consultant at Excellium Services, a cyber-security consulting and technology integration company. Valentin Giannini's message was clear; the best way to protect yourself from "ransomware" is to regularly backup your data!

"Backup-as-a-Service" - a complete, fast and efficient solution by Labgroup.

The practical benefits of a Backup-as-a-service solution were presented by Yannick Pissel, Consultancy Services, Content Management Specialist at Labgroup. Data needs long-term protection; as an insurance, Labgroup's backup solutions enable customers to recover their lost, destroyed or stolen data "in one click" while still being able to call on specialists to assist them when needed. A turnkey solution, fully managed by Labgroup, which allows customers to focus on their core business by delegating data protection to a third party. A managed service, designed to meet the needs of businesses, regardless of their size, industry or geographic region. The pay-per-use model is transparent and based on the volume of the source data.


  • No dedicated equipment to buy, host or install
  • No installation or maintenance required
  • Entirely hosted in Luxembourg, at Labgroup and replicated to 2 datacentres
  • All the company needs is an Internet connection
  • Better performance thanks to delta block technology and data compression
  • Maximum security of information via encryption of transferred and stored data
  • End-to-end solution managed and monitored by Labgroup’s IT specialists: maintenance, support and monitoring of the entire platform.

Micaël Weber, Sales Director at Labgroup, also highlighted this theory with the presentation of the "Use Case" of a long-standing client who outsources his backups to Labgroup. In this context, a complete online backup service is provided to the customer, including maintenance of the backup platform. The implementation of a turnkey online backup solution has enabled this client (one of the Big 4) to significantly reduce the windows of backup as well as the waiting time and handling during data restoration.

Beyond these presentations, a demonstration of the simple and efficient Carbonite backup solution was provided by Mathieu Mondino, allowing participants to visualise the simplicity of the online backup interface.

Fast, simple, and efficient Labgroup's Backup service puts an end to the complexity of data backup, which is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to information security management. Labgroup's mission is to guide customers in a protection policy and digital trust through the implementation of best practices and tailor-made support.

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