IMMOBEL joins the Euronext BEL Mid Index

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IMMOBEL will be included in the BEL Mid index, the Mid-Cap stock Index of Euronext Brussels. The inclusion in this index will take effect as from 23 September 2019.

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10/09/2019 |
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Euronext yesterday announced the results of the quarterly review for the BEL Mid index and the inclusion of IMMOBEL. As of 23 September 2019, IMMOBEL will be part of the BEL Mid index of Euronext Brussels, moving up from the BEL Small Index.

This upgrade of index was decided by Euronext Brussels in view of IMMOBEL's stock exchange performances, based both on the capitalisation criterion of its free float and on the criterion of its stock circulation speed.

“No doubt that the positive trend in our results over the last years and the growing dividend contributed to the increased interest from investors in our company”, explains Marnix Galle, Executive Chairman of the Board.

IMMOBEL is looking forward to communicate its figures for the first half of 2019 to its shareholders expected on 17 September.

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