Lifting accessories that contribute to operator safety

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In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, employers are legally obliged to take all measures necessary relating to health and safety at work in order to protect their employees. LIFTEUROP offers lifting solutions that ensure the safety of operators and offer protection against musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

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29/05/2019 |
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LIFTEUROP lifting accessories are designed to facilitate the work of operators. They can work in more comfortable, ergonomic positions that are less traumatic for the back. This can effectively counter MSDs.

Here is a concrete example

For a client involved in the production of hydraulic actuators, LIFTEUROP’s design department engineered a tilt actuator in order to make the operators’ work safer. Previously, after being painted, actuators were manually tilted on a pallet. The handling was complex and dangerous at times, given that the actuator was not secured and could slip during the tilting.

Now, the operator secures the actuator clevis so that it can be tilted safely. This tilt actuator, conceived by LIFTEUROP, is equipped with ertalon (polyamide) protections to avoid damaging freshly painted actuators. In addition, the tilt actuator is designed to easily accommodate a forklift or to transport or pick up a pallet.

Handling is therefore safe thanks to a certified product that also helps to prevent MSDs.

CE compliance

Lifting accessories produced by LIFTEUROP are compliant with EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE. This Directive covers the design and manufacture of all lifting accessories. LIFTEUROP goes a step further in complying with the Directive, as it meets international standards for which there are even more requirements.

In concrete terms, this means that all lifting accessories are certified. They must carry the CE marking, be delivered with a declaration of compliance and an instruction manual, and the manufacturer must be clearly identified. Working with LIFTEUROP guarantees sound product design, supervised checks and, therefore, safe handling for your operators.

LIFTEUROP was founded in 2010 in Wiltz, where it manufactures lifting equipment and accessories in its own workshops, equipped with sophisticated machinery, under the STAS brand, renowned for quality and design for more than 65 years. Certified ISO 9001 and 14001  and CSR, LIFTEUROP is integrated in the lifting division of the ALIPA Group, a Luxembourg specialist in industrial packaging and lifting, which counts at total about 130 employees.

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