Reborn Takes on Docler Holding as Investor

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Today, Reborn—a business-sensitive user interface company—announced an investing partnership with Docler Holding. The agreement will allow Reborn to work towards the two companies’ common goal: improving digital user experience and scaling it across sectors in Luxembourg and beyond.

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06/03/2019 | Partenariat
  • Reborn and Docler Holding

    Karoly Papp, CEO Docler Holding - Yizhi Sun, CEO Reborn - Márton Fülöp, CIO Docler Holding

The partnership will drive Reborn to optimize and scale its services to a new level, enhancing the quality of current client services and pushing the limits of Reborn’s operations. With Docler’s product-centered design acumen and Reborn’s focus on a standardized service proposal, the two hope to become a formidable force on the design market.

The Luxembourg-bred UI company currently boasts a set of core clients, including POST Group, Banque de Luxembourg, and Foyer Group, for whom it develops user-friendly interfaces—both web-based and mobile. Through the Docler investment, Reborn collaborates with a product-driven, international entity counting twenty years of product experience in user experience, interface, and design solutions.

“With Reborn’s refined service offer and Docler’s deep understanding of user experience from a product perspective, we look forward to finding new, creative solutions to enhance the quality of our services,” said Yizhi Sun, CEO of Reborn.

Moreover, in the face of an underfed global developer market, IT companies struggle to find sustainable employee relationships. Pooling these two non-competitive digital companies will allow them to optimize expenses and create new opportunities via mutually independent market knowledge and skill sets. In addition, cultural exchange should prove to spark new ideas among the companies who, together, claim more than 30 nationalities.

“The consolidation of Reborn and Docler talent pools will create culture and knowledge synergies. We’re confident that this relationship will create opportunity within Luxembourg’s borders and beyond,” commented Márton Fülöp, CIO at Docler Holding.

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Reborn and Docler Holding
06/03/2019 Partenariat

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