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Docler Holding participated in its fourth consecutive Game of Code hackathon, both with teams and as an organizing partner. This year, SES and GovSat also participated, joining historical sponsor Digital Luxembourg and in association with the National Library of Luxembourg. 

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12/03/2019 | Evènements
  • Game of code

With over 150 coders split into 34 teams, programmers and developers of all ages met at the Geesseknäppchen Forum last weekend to create innovative IT solutions in 24 hours. In total, Game of Code, organized by Farvest, had 14 more teams this year than in 2018!

Preempting the competition, Marc Hansen, Minister Delegate for Digitalization, took to the stage and highlighted the importance of ICT in the context of digital transformation.

This year, Docler Holding challenged participants to create their own video game in under 24 hours. The Virtual Rangers team, made of the Luxembourgish virtual reality startup by the same name, came in first place. The Guardians team, made up of developers from Docler Holding, and CoderDojoGirls from Code Coder Dojo, finished in second and third place, respectively. The latter also won, Larissa Best’s, Serge Linckels’, Bruno Wozniak’s, Carlos Gonser’s, and Kolos Kaszály’s heart, taking the jury’s “Coup de Coeur.”

In total, the prizes offered by Digital Luxembourg and Docler Holding totaled €24,000. SES and GovSat offered a trip to the Caribbean for a rocket launching, balloon rides, and in-house projects.

The challenge invented by Digital Luxembourg and the National Library of Luxembourg was all about developing new tools or applications designed for the exploration, comprehension, analysis, and/or enrichment of historical facts, using raw data available on the open-data platform. Error402, from the Banque de Luxembourg, took first in this category. The teams SAD Games (Docler Holding) and LUCA (ARHS Cube) completed the podium, while Saperlipopette (PwC Luxembourg) became the jury’s "Coup de Coeur."

Space also came up during this fourth edition, with two challenges from the two new sponsors, GovSat and SES. BIL DEV TEAM, from Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, won the challenge #DoYouCode #GetSpaced, proposed by SES. Two teams originating from the satellite and telecommunications service provider, “Bit Flippers” and “Don't mess with the Spectrum,” took second place together. Meanwhile, LTS Alpha, from the Luxembourg Tech School, came in third place. Finally, HOPTEAM, with its members working at InTech, won the challenge prepared by GovSat.

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