EuroCaution aims to protect municipalities by guaranteeing completion of infrastructure works

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EuroCaution Benelux SA, a Luxembourg insurance and reinsurance broker specializing in the underwriting of financial guarantees, performance bond, credit insurance and various financial losses, continues its growth and commits itself to protect the municipalities with the launch of a new financial and infrastructure guarantee

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07/03/2019 |
  • Equipe Eurocaution

EuroCaution, construction completion board leader in Luxembourg and Belgium, expands its insurance offer with a financial and infrastructure guarantee, to be launched on 18 March 2019, in addition to its financial guarantee of completion. It enables EuroCaution to reinforce its ambition to further protect municipalities and suppliers (electricity, gas, fiber…) with a guarantee for the completion of infrastructure works.

Alessandro Rizzo, CEO EuroCaution, explains: "The financial and infrastructure guarantee is the logical continuation of EuroCaution’s development on the Luxembourg market. It complements our financial completion guarantee offer and secures the entire construction operation to guarantee the completion of infrastructure works to municipalities. In the context of the not very affordable Luxembourg housing market, we are pursuing our objective of reducing costs for our customers and we are working to make their lives easier through an innovative and approved risk analysis approach.”

Since February 2019, EuroCaution is developing a new IT platform to digitize 100% of the application process for financial completion guarantees and optimizing the users’ process.

In 2018, EuroCaution doubled its turnover and became the most important financial completion guarantee player in Luxembourg and Belgium with more than 200 customers. EuroCaution will continue to expand in 2019 with the hiring of new talents who will strengthen the team in Luxembourg.

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