The automated age of opportunity

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On Wednesday 12 December, an audience of over 100 gathered at the LHofT for an immersive experience at this year’s edition of Deloitte Luxembourg’s Disrupter or Disrupted Conference.

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14/12/2018 |
  • Pascal Martino

    Pascal Martino, Banking & Digital Leader at Deloitte Luxembourg

Reiterating the importance of embracing the digital age and the opportunities that lie ahead, the conference welcomed an array of speakers with a passion for disruption including: Anita Schjøll Brede, Founder of Iris.AI; David Duan, DeepBlue AI; Kris Verburgh, SingularityU; and Tom Chatfield, Writer and Tech Philosopher. Each expert offered precious insights into their specific field of expertise from the future of AI in medicine to best practices in the automated age.

Visiting each topic with scrutiny and much intrigue, the audience was encouraged to reflect upon the societal, environmental, and economic impact the introduction of these new technologies could bring. After each presentation, the floor was opened to the audience, where they asked questions and voiced doubt instancing AI sceptic arguments in relation to data protection, job loss, etc. The open and detailed exchanges offered a window into the reasons why some may be hesitant and others ready to grasp the change with both hands.

Breaking with tradition

The conference presented automation as a positive development for future businesses, and made clear that the financial sector is no exception. According to the speakers, the question to be addressed now is not when, but how this should best be carried out.

“Many sectors still have far to go when it comes to the adoption of new technologies. This is something executives and business professionals must be prepared to face in the coming years. Shying away from these digital advances would not be to anyone’s benefit. We must establish how to embrace this to the best of our ability, while remaining conscious of what is in the best interest of each individual business sector,” explained Pascal Martino, Banking and Digital Leader at Deloitte Luxembourg. “As poignantly noted by one of our speakers, Tom Chatfield, we must make sure we adopt artificial intelligence, not artificial idiocy. A tech relationship relies on how we interact with the device. We should not position ourselves with an ‘us against them stance’, but find a balanced and beneficial alliance,” he continued.

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